Rose Petal News April 2017


Dear Fellow Rosarians:
There is a saying that time flies when you’re having fun, and it certainly does seem to go faster at weekends or on those long-awaited holidays, but the truth is that time just whizzes past anyway and all ready it is Canada’s 150th anniversary. I am old enough to remember the celebrations for the 100th.
This will be a very exciting year!
And just in time for Canada’s birthday, Canadian Shield™, has created the first rose in a curated collection known as Vineland’s 49th Parallel Collection and we will be selling it this year at the farmer’s market. Don’t forget to read Edna’s article with all the wonderful details about the new rose. Mark on your calendar July 11th, our rose show. Our schedule will have a new theme for this special year from a great team.



TUESDAY, APRIL 18th  at 7:00pm–

Topic “Planting a Spring Container”. Speaker – Lynne Melnyk, Certified OHA Judge
Photographic Competition results and preview of roses bushes for sale in May

TUESDAY, JULY 11thProgram and  Rose Show.

Entries received – 5:00 – 6:45pm.

Program – 7 pm. while show is being judged.

Rose Show opens at 8 pm

JULY (date TBA later)  Visit to a member’s rose garden 6:30pm until dusk

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th at 7:00pm

Topic “Historic Highlights of Roses down the Years”. Speaker -Rene Schmitz, of Palatine Rose Nursery, Niagara. Brochures and many cut roses given away.

Rose Show Awards Presentation

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17th at 7:00pm– “Carpet and Knockout Roses”  Speaker : Anna Sauve, Master Gardener.
Photo Competition, submit entries

Audrey Miller passed away on January 7th and we extend our sympathy to her sisters, Gladys and Joyce. Audrey’s lovely roses were a welcome addition to our annual rose shows. She won many awards over the years for both her miniature and large roses as well as floral designs. Audrey served as our secretary for 12 years, resigning in 2012. She continued to serve on our board of directors until last Fall when ill health prevented her participation. We will be planting a rose in our Millennium Memorial Garden at the Southshore Centre and a plaque in her honour. Donations towards this will be accepted at our April 18th meeting.

Be sure to attend our ANNUAL ROSE SHOW held at the Dorian Parker Centre on July 11/2017.The schedule will follow in the early summer newsletter.
We have a new team working on the schedule so you can expect an exciting evening filled with entertainment, colourful fragrant roses combined with unique design classes. Mark your calendars with the date.  Any questions please do not hesitate to contact Janice

Don Komarecha is a nature, and landscape photographer and has been our judge for the photographic competition for the last 3 years. We are very proud of his contributions to our society. He also teaches workshops in the areas of nature photography and he uses his photos to explore and understand the world around him.
Join us at the spring meeting April 18th to find out this year’s winners and best photo in the show.

One special meeting each summer is an evening “Garden Visit” to one of our member’s garden in July. We gather at 6:30 pm until dusk, everyone brings a few snacks. This is a perk of your HRS membership as it is for Members only. Would you like to show off your garden to our group? As the host, you would choose the preferred evening. Call Edna 705 721-0484 to offer to host this social event for members.

Canada Blooms Chooses the New Rose: ‘Canadian Shield™ 2017 Plant of the Year. Vineland Research and Innovation Centre located in Vineland, Ontario, is still breeding roses.
Just in time for Canada’s 150th birthday, ‘Canadian Shield™’, part of Vineland’s ‘49th Parallel Collection’, will be released. “Canadian Shield™ and the entire ‘49th Parallel Collection’ have all the low maintenance traits and visual appeal that consumers love in landscape roses,” said Lana Culley, Director of Business Development, Vineland. The Canadian Shield™ rose grows around one-metre tall and has glossy green foliage. It’s a repeat bloomer that stays stunning throughout the entire season. Just as its name suggests, ‘Canadian Shield™’ is hardy to zone 3 and resistant to black spot.
More than 20 Canadian nurseries are licensed to propagate and grow 50,000 Canadian Shield™ roses in time for Canada Day 2017. Its selection by Canada Blooms, Canada’s largest garden show, means the rose will be featured at the show this March in Toronto and there should be blooming bushes in their new product section.

HRS has been able to add 10 of these roses from J.C. Bakker. If you wish to reserve one for yourself, notify Ligita at 705 -689 – 2331. A cheque must be sent for $20. to Ligita as soon as possible. (Above article reprinted from Canadian Rose Society Winter 2017 newsletter with permission by the editor).

Roses at the Farmers’ Markets 2017: 21 varieties of potted rose bushes.

All the roses are purchased from Ontario Rose growers and are selected for repeat flowering, hardiness to our climate, disease resistance, beauty and fragrance. There is a rose waiting for your garden including the “The Canadian Shield” rose. Please visit us at the Farmers’ Market in Barrie on May 6th, 13th, 20th and at the two Orillia Farmers’ markets on May 13th , 20th 27th. **Please note: These dates apply only while our supply lasts. Come early for best choices.

The price per rose bush is $20.00. Pre-paid, pre-orders will be accepted.
Please contact Ligita 705 689-2331 or .  


Detailed information about each rose.


Felix LeClerc (Hot Pink)

Emily Carr (Red)

Oscar Peterson (White)

Campfire (Red/Yellow tones)


J.P. Connell (Lemon Yellow with White undertones)

Champlain (Red)

Martin Frobisher (Light Pink)


Kordes Florentina  (Bright Red)


Take it Easy ( Red with light pink reverse)

Black Forest (Bright Red)

Lion’s Fairy Tale (Creamy colour with Apricot /Pink centres)


William Morris  (Apricot / Pink)


Love and Peace (Yellow brushed with Pink)

Grande Amore (Dark Red)

Peace  (Light Yellow to Cream)

South Africa (Dark Gold)


Salmon Vigorosa  (Medium Pink)


Canadian Shield (Red)

Rose Petal News September/October 2016

Message from Janice Schmidt, President of the HRS

Dear Fellow Rosarians:
Well, the farmer’s almanac was right for this summer. It was certainly sweaty, with days of extremely high temperatures presenting challenges to all gardeners. First, I had to water more frequently, as I know that dried out rose roots will result in a dead rose and, secondly, the Japanese beetle arrived. So, I have spent a lot of time hand picking and knocking them off the roses into buckets of soapy water. Apparently, this is the best way at the present time to deal with the problem.
The winter is coming and is being nicknamed the “the big chill”. I shudder to think what that actually means. Let’s take time to enjoy the fall garden with the crispness in the air, and the leaves changing color, as this is a great time to be outside and plant those roses or perennials you have recently purchased. It gives the plants time to grow feeder roots, before they go dormant when frost arrives. So, enjoy the fall and prepare for what is ahead,
Happy Gardening.

Open Meeting Schedules for Fall 2016

SEPT. 20th 7-9 PM 17th World Convention of Rose Societies
“Lyon, France Celebrates the Rose”
Presented by Gloria Broks from Toronto
Awards for the June Rose Show
will be presented to the 2016 winners

OCTOBER 18th 7-9 PM A Visit to the Rosengarten of Zweibrucken,Germany
presented by Jean-Maurice Pigeon, Barrie’s ambassador
to Zweibrucken.
Annual meeting and election of officers
*Bring your photos for entry into the Photo Competition

In Honour of Robert Boyes, a long-time HRS Member, who passed away in December 2015, two Campfire rose bushes were planted at the Millennium Memorial Rose Garden. They were purchased, thanks to several donations to the Rose Society on behalf of Mr. Boyes.

We appreciate the assistance of our HRS voIunteers: Edna, Jeanne, Ina, Irene, Cherin, and Dave, who helped with any and all maintenance jobs this year. We did have a nice number of volunteers, but more are always welcome for next year.

2016 Rose Show Report

Our 2016 Rose Show was held at the Dorian Parker Centre with 144 entries by 15 exhibitors. While the show was being judged, visitors were entertained by the Four Amigos (aka David Ross, Ron Spencer, Dale Lovering and Carl Phillips) returning to hone their floral design skills. They each made a beautiful triangular design under the guidance of Edna Caldwell.

The main room was a wonderful sight to behold with so many beautiful roses on display. These were augmented with artistic designs by our members depicting our theme, “Roses through the Ages”. An Invitational class for floral design judges, who are not members of Huronia Rose Society, rounded out the display showing Futuristic designs. Awards will be given out at the September 20th meeting.

Award Winners



We invite new blood (so to speak) on our Board of Directors for Yr. 2017. If you are interested in serving, speak to Janice Schmidt, Ellen Spencer or Edna Caldwell, at our Sept. 20th Open Meeting. When coming onto the HRS Board, you serve in the area that interests you.
You may also get a telephone call from our Nominating Committee if we are still looking for volunteer Board Members.

Our AGM and nominations will take place at the October 18th Open meeting. At this time, the Nominating Committee will present, for membership approval, the new Board of Directors for Year 2017. Nominations will be also accepted from the floor to fill vacancies.

HRS Garden Tour

In the evening of July 12th, ten HRS Members visited the residence of Maria & Jack Graves, Barrie, to view their English-style garden. Snacks were shared and the Graves served a delicious punch plus savory fare. This event was a “Members Only” event that we have tried several times before, and it seems that a week-day evening format works well. Watch for next summer’s Members’ invitation.

Photographic Competition

Our next Open Meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, October 18th, is the time to submit all those lovely photos you have been taking of your roses and gardens all summer. They are to be given to the Competition convenor, Janice Schmidt, with your name, and Competition Class (please reference the photographic rules attached to the May/June newsletter. Please tape an entry tag, as well, to each photo submitted. There will be entry tags available at the September meeting, which you can bring to the October meeting, ready to go. So, come early if you need time to fill them out. Then, at our April 19th, 2017 Open Meeting, we will see the results of the judging.

We would like your thoughts for the future. We are thinking that in 2017 to have the photographs submitted and judged at the October show. No more waiting until spring of the next year. What do you think? Please send your thoughts to Janice either by email, or phone.

Rose Petal News May/June 2016

Message from Janice Schmidt, President of the HRS

Dear Fellow Rosarians:

Our annual Rose Show is on Tuesday, June 28th. We are very much looking forward to admiring all your beautiful roses. Mine are starting to bud, and, hopefully, will be ready for the Show table. Here are some helpful hints for preparing your roses to impress the judge:

1. This is an evening show. So, please cut your roses early in the morning when they are highest in food reserves which will help them to maintain their strength.
2. Place the cut rose in a container of hot water. Always use clean, sharp pruners to prevent damage to the rose canes or to avert spreading disease when you cut a rose. This will not affect your cut flower. But, you don’t want to harm the plant in the process of cutting.
3. Don’t select a bud, as it may not open in time. The chosen rose should only be 1/3 to 1/2 open as a flower in full bloom may not last long.
4. Try your best to have 2 to 3 sets of leaves on the cane when storing. Once you transfer the rose into the exhibit vase, however, remove all leaves below the water line to prevent the water from turning foul.
5. If possible, please fill out all Entry Tags prior to arriving with your exhibits, as judging begins promptly at 7:00 pm.
6. Identifying the rose is not mandatory. But, do so, if you can, to benefit everyone, as the Show is educational in nature.
7. Let’s have some fun and make it a Rose Show to remember!

June 28th — Huronia Rose Society Annual Rose Show

Annual Rose Show Theme: “Roses through the Ages”

Please see the 2016 Rose Show Schedule for Regulations and Exhibit Classes. Be sure to bring your roses to exhibit at the Show. Contact Ellen Spencer (705-739-9101) or Edna Caldwell (705-721-0484) if you have any questions.

7:00 pm Program –
We are pleased to announce the “Return of the 4 Amigos” to entertain and instruct the audience while the Rose Show is being judged. Not only will these gentlemen participate in the exercise with flair and fun, but everyone attending will have a visual lesson in how to create a lovely floral design for their home. Then, at our Rose Show in 2017, you will be skilled enough to enter in our Rose Show’s “Decorative Division”, Novice Section. Be sure to attend this great artistic event at 7 pm. If time permits, there will be a Q & A time to answer any rose-growing questions you may have encountered this year.

Lucky Draws will be held and light refreshments served.

Dale Lovering will have some miniature roses for sale at this time, as well.

8:00 pm: Rose Show opens for viewing.

Results from Our Rose Sales Fundraiser

What a fundraising event this was! A total of 150 potted Rose bushes was purchased and picked up by Society Members from two rose growers in St. Catharine’s and Niagara-on-the Lake. Pre-sales orders for 34 shrubs and one Saturday at three Farmers’ Markets left us only with 15 to sell. By the second Saturday, only nine roses were left, looking for a place to grow. Thank you, everyone, who participated to make this a successful event.

We also thank all our Members and customers for your support. Take good care of your purchased roses and we hope to see you all back next year.

To our fabulous Sales Team – keep your sales technique sharp. Rose bushes are soon to be on order for the 2017 Market Sales.

Garden Visit

Maria and Jack Graves have invited HRS Members to visit their garden from 6:30 pm until dark on Tuesday, July 12th. They are located at 99 Blake Street, Barrie on the lake side of the street. Cars should park around the corner, one house to the east, on Rodney Street.

Please bring a lawn chair, snacks to share, and soft drinks. Don’t forget your camera and the bug spray! A “Members-only” event, this is a chance to see the English-style gardens that Jack has created around their home. Words cannot describe their beauty. You’ll have to visit and see for yourself!



Entries Submitted Oct. 18, 2016; Prizes awarded – April meeting, 2017

Convener: Janice Schmidt (705-728- 7719)

The Huronia Rose Society invites our Members to enter the Photo contest.

Competition Rules:

 Entry tags must accompany all submissions including:photographer’s name and category

(All information on the reverse side of the photo)

 Photographers are allowed to enter 2 entries per Class

 Photos taken in Yr. 2015 or Yr. 2016 may be submitted except for entries from a previous Huronia Rose society photographic competition.

Any type of camera is permitted.

 All photos must be 4”X 6” colour prints.

 The photographer/s of the winning entries may be asked for permission to use the images on the Huronia Rose

Society greeting cards. Digital access or negatives should then be supplied.

 Deadline for submission is October 18, 2015, at our regular Open Meeting at the Dorion Parker Centre, 227 Sunnidale Rd., Barrie


1. A photo of a garden with roses

2. A close- up photo of one rose bloom (any type)

3. A close- up of a cluster of roses ( any type)

4. A photo of the Millennium Memorial Rose Garden (205 Lakeshore Dr. Barrie)

5. A photo of roses and a companion plant in the garden (any type of rose or companion)

6. A close –up of a Canadian rose (Morden, Explorer or Artist rose, single or spray)

7. A close- up of an old English rose (David Austin type, single or spray)

8. A close – up of a miniature rose (single or spray)

9. A close- up of any rose fully open with stamens showing

Images will be judged for originality, composition, overall visual impact, and artistic merit.



Upcoming meetings:

June 28th. Annual Rose show and the return of the “Four Amigos”

Program at 7:00pm and Show opens at 8:00pm See more information earlier in this newsletter.


Sept 20th

7-9 PM

The 17th World Convention of Rose Societies, plus the Awards Night from the June Rose Show. “Lyon, France celebrates the Rose” Gloria Broks, from Toronto
Oct. 18th

7-9 PM

A tour of the many public rose gardens throughout Germany, plus

the Annual General Meeting.

A Visit to the Rosengarten of Zweibrücken, Germany Jean-Maurice Pigeon,

Barrie’s Ambassador to Zweibrücken Germany

Rose Petal News March/April 2016

Next Meeting
April 19th at 7 pm
Dorian Parker Community Center, Barrie

Message from Janice Schmidt, President of the HRS

Dear Fellow Rosarians:
“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”

I absolutely love this saying by Margaret Atwood except this year we would have to say at the end of the day we would be covered in snow.

My poor daffodils have been frosted, drowned and hidden by a blanket of white so many times that I am worried about their survival. This has certainly been an unusual winter and spring. To make matters worse, the spring bug barometer in the states is predicting an increase in bugs and pests this year. I suppose knowing what to expect for the season is important as ticks and mosquitoes can have a direct impact on our health, especially with the threat of Lyme disease and the Zika virus. I also think that we will have to be extremely vigilant when looking after our roses based on this expected increase in the bug population. We will have to do more hand picking, use of insecticidal soaps, or other known homemade recipes, to keep our favorite flower safe from bug attacks. I know we will do what we have to do for the love of the Rose. So, in closing I say, always remember:

“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.” – Gertrude Jekyll

Ideas for 2016

We are always interested in what topics our Members would like to have for our programs. Send your ideas to any Executive Member or put your topics in the Suggestion box at each Open Meeting.
Open Meeting “Lucky Draw,” April 19th

Buy a ticket for $1.00 for the chance to win:

A Time-Life Encyclopedia set about gardening OR A floral needlepoint picture (10.5″ sq.)

Membership Fee Increase

Last year we celebrated our 35th Anniversary. Over the years, we have continued to enjoy and share information on the growing and showing of roses. Today, the costs of running our Society have been increasing. To continue to provide the Membership with knowledgeable, informative speakers, and a place to meet, we need to increase the annual fee.

Starting in 2016, a Single membership will be $15 and a Family will be $20. We thank you in advance for your continued support and understanding as we share a common pursuit, simply, our love of the rose. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the increase in fees, please do not hesitate to contact me, Janice Schmidt.

Visit the Membership page for instructions on how to join or renew your Huronia Rose Society membership.

Open Meeting Schedules for 2016









April 19th



The presentation will contain photos and information regarding a selection of hardy rose bushes that you will need in your garden this year.

Plus, the Annual Photography Competition winners will be announced.

Bring your extra Rose Society vases and/or Entry Tags to share, in advance of the Yr. 2016 Rose Show.

“Canadian Hardy Roses” Dale Lovering, HRS Member
June 28th Annual Rose Show!

and Speaker Program



Sept. 20th The 17th World Convention of Rose Societies, plus the Awards Night from the June Rose Show. “Lyon, France celebrates the Rose” Gloria Broks, from Toronto
Oct. 18th A tour of the many public rose gardens throughout Germany, plus

the Annual General Meeting.

A Visit to the Rosengarten of Zweibrücken, Germany Jean-Maurice Pigeon,

Barrie’s Ambassador to Zweibrücken Germany

Special Offer for HRS Members

Once again we are offering roses for sale this gardening season.

We are offering, to our Members, pre-orders before the roses go to the Markets. The price is $20 each. If you are attending the April 19th Open Meeting, please bring your order and payment. If you are unable to attend – please mail your order and payment to:
Payable to – Huronia Rose Society,
Mailing address: Ligita Preisbergs, 3487 Hedgemere Landing , RR3 Orillia, Ont. L3V 6H3.

All pre-order requests must reach Ligita before April 19th. All rose pre-orders must be picked up at either the Barrie or Orillia Farmers’ Markets – please specify which Farmers’ Market location you prefer.