Annual Rose Sale – 2022

Are you ready for the Huronia Rose Society’s Annual Rose Sale? We certainly hope so!!


  • Roses are $30 each or 3/$80 (must purchase 3 roses for bundle-pricing)
  • Austin Roses are $35 each (marked with * below)
  • Taxes included

Payment by etransfer preferred to
Cash payment will also be accepted on pick up day in May

Contact Michelle Lynch : or Call: 705-325-4143. Full details on pick up to follow in the spring.

We are not taking pre orders this year but… Make yourself a wish list. Share it with Michelle.
We cannot guarantee all our roses will arrive in May – it’s a long winter in storage and the
grower cannot promise 100% of the roses will survive.
When the roses arrive Michelle will be able to tell everyone what varieties we truly have on hand.

ROSE SELECTIONS – full descriptions below the images (Austin Roses are marked with *)

Brick House – Floribunda A smaller bushy shrub with dark green leathery foliage and excellent disease resistance. Brick House has a strong dark red, semi double 2.25” bloom found in clusters. The blooms are cupped to flat with 10-12 petals and a light fragrance. A good rebloomer with lots of flowers in each flush throughout the season. Height 3 ft. Width 2 ft. Shrub

Campfire – Canadian Artists Series Campfire honours Tom Thomson, and like his masterpiece of the same name, the rose glows with fiery yellows and reds. This shrub rose is the fourth and last of the cold-hardy Canadian Artists series of roses first developed by Agriculture Canada’s rose-breeding program based at Morden, Man. Growing 3 ft wide by 3ft tall, this shrub features a compact habitat. The flower buds emerge with vibrant, coral reds and yellow swirls. As the flower opens, it blooms with dark pink edges and pale pink petals. It has very little fragrance. Campfire is a continuous bloomer with glossy green foliage. It is very hardy. Height 3 ft. Width 3 ft.

Double Ambre – Floribunda Glowing shades of amber orange with a stunning double English style flower. This floribunda has highly polished healthy foliage that sets the glowing blooms off to perfection. Growth is bushy and dense, and ideal for containers or gardens. Fragrance is fresh and sweet with a hint of green apple. Height 3ft. Width 3ft. Compact shrub

Easy Spirit – Floribunda An upright, compact plant, Easy Spirit bears an abundance of large,(3-4”), double blooms (30-40 petals) in a classic shade of creamy white amid plenty of glossy green, clean foliage. The flowers are so full, in fact, that they can easily be seen from a distance or even at night when the moon is out. The perfectly formed pointed, ovoid buds and flowers hold their beauty throughout the life of the flower. Excellent disease resistance.

Eden – Climber Bred in France by the masters at the House of Meilland Eden is the world’s favorite and best-selling climbing rose! The lavish blooms are produced in a heavy mass early season with wonderful repeat until frost. Eden has a double large cottage style blooms of soft creamy pink with carmine pink edges. The large, very full and globular flowers, combined with the glossy and dark green foliage look sumptuous on the plant or in cut bouquets. Grows dense and modest to about 8-ish feet. Can be pruned smaller or allowed to bulk up larger over time. Eden blooms well first season and is often loaded with its scented rose the first early June or even May from planting. Spectacular! Height 8 ft. Climber

Golden Showers – Climber A lovely repeat flowering climbing rose, Golden Showers has sweetly fragrant, golden yellow semi double blooms, 4” wide fading to pale yellow as they mature. This stiff upright climber has almost thornless stems and glossy green foliage. Very disease resistant. Grows 6-8 ft tall and 3-4ft wide.

Hella – Climber Hella is a vigorous and floriferous climber with pure white, slightly fragrant large cups with semi-double petal count surrounding golden yellow stamen. 20 to 25 petals. Average diameter 3.5″. Medium, double (17-25 petals), cluster-flowered, in small clusters, flat bloom form. Medium, pointed, ovoid buds. Blooming from early summer till early autumn. Growing up to 8ft tall and 3ft wide. It has excellent disease resistance. Leathery, semi glossy, toothed, dark green foliage. None to mild fragrance. Height 8 ft. Width 3 ft. Climber

Icecap – Floribunda Icecap displays a dense flush of pure white flowers from pointed pink buds on a compact, (2 1/2 ft high and 3 1/2 ft wide) rounded shrub. It has excellent repeat-blooming and disease resistance. Foliage is dark green. White blooms with a blush center. Average diameter 2.25″. Small to medium, double blooms (17-25 petals), in large clusters, cupped bloom form. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. Introduced in France by Meilland Richardier in 2015 as ‘Crème Chantilly’. Introduced in United States by Star Roses (Pennsylvania) in 2015 as ‘Icecap’. Height 2.5 ft. Width 3.5 ft. Floribunda

Improved Blaze – Climber Large, dark scarlet red blooms in small clusters. Double blooms(17-25 petals) Improved Blaze has rich red flowers, which grow up to 3 inches, and dark green foliage Moderately fragrant. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. Tall, climbing. Can grow 10-12ft tall and up to 5-8ft wide. Hardy. One of most prolific, vigorous climbing rose available, Improved Blaze is an excellent choice for first-time rose growers and experienced rosarians alike. This shrub provides beautiful, total coverage of generous areas. Blooms are at their peak in June and early fall. Height 10-12 ft. Width 5-8 ft. Climber

Julia Child – Floribunda Buttery gold, fully double, cupped old fashioned 3” blooms, are borne on a plant with a perfectly rounded habit. Continuously blooming with a lovely licorice clove fragrance. Glossy, medium green leaves. Great disease resistance. Hardy to zone 5. Height 2-3ft. Width 2ft. Floribunda Rose

Lemon Fizz – Floribunda Shrub Medium bushy upright shrub with large semi double (9-16petals) yellow blooms borne mostly solitary as well as in small clusters. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. Average diameter 3.5”. No fragrance. Very disease resistant. Medium, semi glossy dark green foliage. Height 3-4 ft. Width 2-3 ft. Floribunda Shrub

Lichfield Angel* – Austin Series Beautiful at all stages, bearing large, creamy apricot fading to white, fully double, dome-shaped rosettes. Light clove fragrance. Rounded growth habit. This rose demonstrates the pure perfection of the English Musks at their best. Height 4ft. Width 3ft. English Shrub Rose. Austin Series

Marilyn Monroe – Hybrid Tea Beautiful showy apricot blooms on a vigorous, medium size upright to somewhat rounded and bushy shrub. Marilyn Monroe has rich deep green foliage with very good disease resistance and heat tolerance. The buds are pointed and ovoid starting out apricot, washed with green on the outermost petals. They open to a very large (4 1/2”)creamy apricot bloom with up to 23-35 petals. The blooms are globular with a high centre and are on mostly solitary stems, sometimes in small clusters. This rose has a continuous bloom, repeating in flushes with a mild citrus tea fragrance. ( please note- this rose is hardy to zone 6- needs winter protection In our area). Height 3-4 ft. Width 3-3 1/2 ft. Hybrid Tea

Oscar Peterson – Canadian Artists Series This is another rose released as part of the Canadian Artists Series. The rose is upright in habit with clean glossy dark green foliage. The large semi-double flowers are cream coloured in bud, opening to a pure white with a centre of yellow stamens. A very good repeat bloomer and exceptionally disease resistant. This rose, like the rest of the roses in this series, is certain to become a popular addition to many Canadian gardens and landscapes due to its outstanding beauty and hardiness to zone 3. Height 3-4ft. Width 2ft. Canadian Artist Series

Peace – Hybrid Tea The Peace rose, formally Rosa ‘Madame A. Meilland’, is a well-known and successful garden rose. By 1992, over one hundred million plants of this hybrid tea had been sold. This rose is a vigorous, upright, bushy, medium shrub (3-4ft high and 2-3ft wide) with glossy dark green foliage that is hardy and disease resistant. Peace has large double flowers ( up to 6” diameter) of a light yellow to cream color, slightly flushed at the petal edges with crimson-pink. The blooms are lightly ruffled, high centred and rounded with a classic tea fragrance. A good repeat bloomer. Peace’ was originally hybridized by Francis Meilland in 1935 in France under the original cultivar name of ‘Madame A. Meilland’. Shortly before Germany invaded France in 1939, Francis Meilland sent budwood of this rose to rose growers in several different countries to insure this new rose would not be inadvertently destroyed by the war. In the U. S. , budwood was sent to Conard-Pyle Company who proceeded to propagate the rose. On June 15, 1943, Conard-Pyle obtained U.S. Plant Patent No. 591, and then subsequently introduced the rose into commerce under the cultivar name of ‘Peace’ on April 29, 1945 (VE Day) which was the same day that Berlin fell to Allied forces. Height 3-4 ft. Width 2-3 ft. Hybrid Tea

Tabris – Floribunda Clusters of lightly scented, long lasting, 2-3” blooms of pure white petals with blazing raspberry edges. Vigorous, tall, upright growth. Blooming from early summer to early fall. Dark green foliage turns yellow in the fall. Mild fragrance. Hardy to zone 5. Height 5ft. Width 2ft. Floribunda Rose

Take it Easy – Shrub A classic velvety dark red color with lighter pink reverse. Blooms begin as pointy and very elegant buds. The red coloration doesn’t go too pink or blue as the petals are falling away. A touch of lighter pink reverse light up the show of this blooming ‘machine’. Blooms are globular and cupped, 3-4” diameter with a petal count of 15-25 petals. A vigorous, upright bushy shrub with dark green shiny foliage. Medium size and disease resistant.

Tiffany – Hybrid Tea This is a medium size rose (4ft tall and 3ft wide) with a mounded form and dark green foliage. Tiffany has a large (4”), fully double bloom (25-30 petals) of coral pink that fade to yellow at the base of the petals. Floriferous with a highly fruity scent. It is a continuous bloomer. (please note- this rose is hardy to zone 6- needs winter protection in our area). Height 4 ft. Width 3 ft. Hybrid Tea

The following varieties are no longer available as they are already spoken for:

Boscobel* – Austin Series Real buds open to beautifully formed, upward facing, coral-pink rosettes. The rose Boscobel will stay pretty compact and will only grow a little over 3 feet tall and just shy of 3 feet wide at full maturity. The blooms will be a little over 3 inches in diameter and they will be very full with 50 or more petals per bloom. Small petals of varying shades mingle to provide a most pleasing effect. The myrrh fragrance has delicious hints of hawthorn, elderflower, pear, and almond. Height 3ft. Width 3ft. David Austin

Carefree Wonder – Shrub ‘Carefree Wonder’ lives up to its name. This easy to grow rose produces semi-double cupped blooms of china-pink with a creamy white reverse. A disease-resistant compact bush that blooms profusely. Compact mounded habit. Repeat blooming with dark green foliage throughout the season. The rose hips are showy tomato-orange displayed from mid to late fall. A spectacular shrub rose, smothered in double hot pink flowers in early summer, repeat-blooming; compact, mounded habit, quite adaptable and resistant to disease. a valuable garden shrub; all roses need full sun and well drained soil. Height 3-4 ft. Width 2-3 ft. Shrub

Canadian Shield™ – 49th Parallel Collection Made in Canada. The first rose released in the 49th Parallel Collection coincided with Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017. Vivid red 3” blooms and glossy green foliage that blooms from late June until heavy frost. Repeat bloomer. Mildly fragrant. Resistant to black spot and powdery mildew. Hardy to zone 3a.Height 5ft. Width 4ft.Floribunda Rose. 49th Parallel Collection

Chinook Sunrise™ – 49th Parallel Collection The second addition to Vineland’s 49th Parallel Collection in 2019. Blooms with a riot of exotic coral colours from deep coral to pale pink. Glossy green foliage. Low-maintenance, lightly fragrant, black spot tolerant, resistant to powdery mildew and winter hardy. Repeat bloomer displaying all bloom stages at one time. Hardy to zone 3. Height 4ft. Width 4ft.Shrub rose. 49th Parallel Collection

Emily Carr – Canadian Artists Series The first rose in the Canadian Artists™ Series. Rich dark red blooms on a very hardy shrub with excellent disease resistance. Blooms from spring to late summer. Light fragrance. Upright growth habit. Dark green foliage turns yellow in the fall. Hardy to zone 3. Height 5ft. Width 3ft. Shrub Rose. Canadian Artists Series

Grace* – Austin Series Lovely pure apricot blooms graduating to darker centres, and a touch paler toward the edges. The blooms (petals 40) are slightly cupped at first, slowly opening to form a perfect rosette with the outer petals reflexed. An arching silhouette sets off this healthy, repeat blooming rose. Delicious, warm and sensuous fragrance. Grace will grow 3-4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Named to celebrate the special quality ‘grace’ which David Austin believed characterizes English Roses as a group, and this variety in particular. Height 3-4 ft. Width 3 ft. David Austin

Graham Thomas* – Austin Series Probably the most outstanding of all the English Roses. Breathtaking, double 4″ blooms (petals 30+) of a magnificent shade of yellow with a texture that makes the old rose style blooms look almost too perfect to be real, having a strong tea fragrance. A great bush, vigorous, slender, and upright. It may be trained as an outstanding climber. Can reach 4-6 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide. Excellent disease resistance. Stop dead heading in the early fall to encourage golden rose hips. Whether trained as a climber or grown as a bush, `Graham Thomas’ is sure to be one of the great roses of our time. Loves summer heat. Height 4-6 ft. Width 2-3 ft. David Austin

Morden Blush – Parkland Series A pastel member of the super-hardy Parkland rose family bred at the Morden Experimental Station in Canada. The rounded bushy plant clad with medium green leaves bears lots of ruffled pink flowers with an old-fashioned charm. Blooms are medium size, in small clusters, ruffled very full blooms(40-50 petals). Lightly scented. The shrub is 3-4ft tall and 2-3ft wide. Introduced in 1988 Morden, Manitoba, Canada. Height 3-4 ft. Width 2-3 ft. Shrub

Queen Elizabeth – Grandiflora Queen Elizabeth is an exquisite Grandiflora rose with large, 4” blooms, high pointed buds, opening to a silver pink full (38-40 petal) blooms. They have a moderate tea fragrance and bloom in flushes from spring to fall. A tall, vigorous, bushy, almost thornless shrub with dark green glossy foliage. Hardy and disease resistant. Grows 4-6ft tall and 2-3ft wide. Grandiflora

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