Rose Petal News June/July 2019

A walk down memory lane… next year it is our 40TH ANNIVERSARY and plans are underway to make our annual rose show a spectacular event. If you would like to join the committee and assist with the planning, please contact Janice Schmidt at

The grand opening of the Rose show in 2001, our president Ray Ramsay and the Mayor of the city of Barrie, Jim Perri

Photo courtesy of HRS archives

Message from Virginia Foster, President of the HRS

Dear Fellow Rosarians:

I don’t know if you saw Spring, I think I missed it, but summer is now here with the humidity (of course).  Flowers are finally blooming, and the plants are growing, hurrah, I do feel for the farmers though, who must be very frustrated and worried with the way the weather has been. Our fundraisers have been highly  successful with selling miniatures at the Horticultural Spring District meeting and then selling the rose bushes at the Farmers market in Barrie and Orillia.  I can’t thank, enough, all those that helped to make these fundraisers successful. We will also be selling 6-inch mini roses for $10.00 at our Rose show to continue to raise funds.  What would we do without our volunteers?  We are all getting ready for our annual Rose Show, TUESDAY, JULY 2nd, at Dorian Parker Community Centre.   Don’t forget you need to have your membership paid up please.  Now that we know which rose bushes have survived the winter, the next question is will they be ready for July 2nd. You have already been notified about our carpooling to go to the Botanical Gardens to see the roses, so if interested please let us know ASAP.   We still have the garden visit coming up later (for members only) and will let you know, nearer the time where it will be. If anyone has a garden they would like to show, please let us know.        Have a great summer and looking forward to seeing you at the Rose Show.

Virginia Foster, President

Rose Show July 2,

 Program begins at 7:00 pm, Topic:  “A Place Ahead of its Time”

Rose Show opens at 8:00 pm 

Presented by Joan Nieman-Agapas, a Master Gardener and member of the Barrie’s Garden Club. Joan will share an abbreviated story of the evolution of Sunnidale Park, from being the Barrie Country Club, into a passive public park with an arboretum. Weather and time permitting, Joan will lead a short walk along the sidewalk to get a brief overview of the park’s amenities. I am certain our appreciation of this important horticultural resource in our community will be enhanced by her presentation. The rose show opens at 8:00 pm

Tuesday, July 16, GARDEN VISIT from 6:30 pm till dusk

A special privilege of your membership – a chance to visit a member’s garden and socialize with each other. As of this newsletter, we have not received an offer to host this evening from anyone. Please consider being the hostess/host and contact the program chair –Edna at 705 721-0484. Everyone brings snacks and drinks (and their lawn chair) so the host doesn’t have to provide refreshments. Waiting for your phone call!


Do you love photography? Would you like to share your best shots of roses with our society? We are so excited to announce that we are launching this year’s contest.

Entries Submitted and Judged – October 2019 Convener: Janice Schmidt (705-728-7719) email

The Huronia Rose Society invites our members to enter the Photo contest. Competition Rules: Submission of all photographs must be accompanied by an entry tag and include: Photographer’s name Where the image was taken (if possible) Category entered including class number Name of the rose/s (if possible)

  • Photographers can enter 2 entries per class
  • Photos taken in 2018 and 2019 may be submitted except for entries from a previous Huronia Rose society photographic competition.
  • Any type of camera is permitted.
  • The photographs must be 4 by 6
  • The photographer/s of the winning entries may be asked for permission to use the images on the Huronia Rose society greeting cards. Digital access or the original photos should then be supplied.
  • Photographs will be submitted and judged at the October 2019 meeting.


  1. A photo of a garden with roses
  2. A close- up photo of one rose bloom (any type)
  3. A close- up of a cluster of roses (any type)
  4. A photo of a public Rose Garden (anywhere in the world)
  5. A photo of roses and a companion plant in the garden (any type of rose or companion)
  6. A close –up of a Canadian rose (Morden, Explorer or Artist rose, a bloom or spray)
  7. A close- up of an old English rose (David Austin type, a bloom or spray)
  8. A close – up of a miniature rose (a bloom or spray)
  9. A close- up of any rose fully open with stamens showing
  10. A photo of a rose bush/climber in bloom

Images will be judged for originality, composition, overall visual impact and artistic merit.




Our Canadian Rose society needs help, a communique was sent out recently asking for assistance. They need a President, secretary and executive directors. If any individual is interested, please let them know or email The situation is very serious and without help the society may have to dissolve. The Huronia Rose society (HRS) has responded with suggestions and offered help in a variety of ways. A future meeting with the CRS will determine its future, we will keep you updated. We have been given some more sad news; the greater Toronto Rose society has voted to disband. After all expenses have been paid any remaining monies will be donated to societies of their choice and fortunately, they recognize our society and will be sending us a cheque for approximately $650.00. This news is bittersweet.

Visit to Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington. Would you like to visit the newly renovated rose and perennial gardens? We propose a car-pool on Saturday. June 22, 2019 or Sunday. June 23, 2019. We expect there will be some folks who can go on Saturday. and others who wish to go on Sunday. At the same time the Hamilton and Burlington Rose Society are holding their annual Rose Show. The entrance fee into the RBG – Adult $18; Senior (age 65 or older) $15; will allow us to tour the rose gardens and visit the Rose Show as well. If you are interested in joining us for an inspiring day (perhaps get some ideas for our own rose show), contact the following people by no later than June 20th. If you want to go on Saturday June 22, call Edna Caldwell at 705 721-0484. If your preference is to go on Sunday, call Evie Teras at 705 436-4776. Should you be able to drive to RBG, either day, please indicate this when you register.  You will be contacted after June 15 as to further details. Travelling costs will be shared by all participating.

We hope many of you can take advantage of this trip and show HRS`s support to the  Hamilton and Burlington Rose Society. Looking forward to hearing from you before June 17th While wandering through this two-acre garden we hope you’ll stop and smell the roses, explore their rich past, and discover how, like us all, they are changing for a sustainable future.

“Roses are one of the oldest flowering plants and surely the most loved and admired. To me, they are enduring and universal in their appeal and there is nothing that compares to the fragrance of a rose on a warm summer day or the myriad of colours and flower forms.” – Alex Henderson, Curator of Collections
 Royal Botanical Gardens Memorial Garden On April 17 three members started the spring pruning of the roses – Irene Slessor, Lorraine Gray and Edna Caldwell. We put up the new interpretive sign. Next week dormant spray was applied. Michelle and Edna met with Mona Boyd, city Parks & Rec., about installing a watering system, to happen about mid-June. Fertilizer, alfalfa meal and Epsom salts were applied. Weeding of a creeping weed has been necessary twice. The shorter roses were cut right back to the ground almost, but by early June the growth was amazing. I expect the garden will be in full bloom at the normal time of late June.


Our memorial garden crew in 2003.

Do you recognize any familiar faces? Photo courtesy of HRS archives Teamwork.

Our yearly Fund-raising event this May was a great success. We picked up 156 potted rose bushes from the two rose growers and all were sold to enhance the gardens of the purchasers. Many of the roses sold at the Library market will find their home as far as Sudbury, North Bay and Muskoka cottages. While their daughters were at the dance recital at the Opera House, the mothers bought roses. Many thanks to everyone who volunteered their time. Their dedication to make this a successful event is a big part of what keeps this Society alive and functioning. This year we tried something new; the introduction of a root transplant powder, a Canadian product. One teaspoon of the powder was sold for $2.00. This product provides nutrition to the root system at planting time as it enhances the mycorrhizal fungi production, 88 packets were sold .



Mycorrhizal fungi are a major component of the soil’s natural microflora, but their presence is not guaranteed in all soils when transplanting new plants in a garden bed or in newly landscaped area. Sometimes, nature needs a little help. Mycorrhizal fungi live in symbiosis with the roots of a large variety of plants, including trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials. These microscopic fungi form a symbiotic association with the plant’s root system in which it forms a network of extremely fine filaments, called mycelium, this helps the plant absorb moisture and nutrients from the soil.

Celebrating the life of the late David Austin

Rose Show Schedule

Annual Rose Show Tuesday, July 02, 2019 Location: Dorian Parker Centre, 227 Sunnidale Road, Barrie

Conveners: Janice Schmidt (705-728-7719) Michelle Lynch (705-325-4123) Lynn Schnitter (705-252-0289) Lynne Melnick (416-726-8162) Ellen Spencer (705-739-9101)

Rules and Regulations

1. Entries Received: 4:30 pm – 6:15 pm

2. Judging: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

3. At the time of judging only Committee Members are allowed in the judging area.

4. Show viewing- 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

5. Entries are NOT to be removed before 9:00 pm

NOTE: Exhibitors are requested to assist with clean up after the show.

6. Exhibitors must be members of Huronia Rose Society except Section IV and Class 46

7. All specimen blooms must be grown by the exhibitor. Please indicate name of rose if known.

8. Exhibitors must provide suitable containers for their entries.

9. The Huronia Rose Society or the Show Committee are not responsible for loss, damage or theft.

10. Ribbons are attached to winning entries. Trophies will be awarded at the September meeting. Trophies shall remain the property of the Huronia Rose Society.

11. Judges may withhold an award if an entry is not deemed worthy. Judging decisions are final.

12. Exhibitors are permitted 5 entries per specimen class, provided they are different cultivars (colours), unless otherwise stated. 13. The Show Chairperson has the right to divide any specimen class. A minimum of three of one colour, size etc. is required to warrant such a division.

14. Entry tags should be correctly filled in, and completed if possible, prior to arriving at the Show, including the name of the rose, if known. Securely attach the tag, except in Miniature and Decorative Sections, where they should be placed under or beside the entry.

15. Each exhibitor is responsible for placing their entries in the correct class. The Canadian Rose Society Colour Classification Guide should be consulted. Ask the passing clerks for help if unsure, before marking your tag.

16. Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards will be followed for Designs. Canadian Rose Society Judging Guidelines will be used for specimens.

17. All foliage must be naturally attached in the specimen classes.

18. A ‘SPRAY’ is defined as a main or lateral stem with several blooms and/or buds, with TWO or more of the blooms, one-half or more open. Early disbudding of centre bud is permitted in any spray. NOTE: This rule applies to any Class that calls for a Spray and has this symbol (*)

19. In the Decorative Division, all designs must include rose(s) or some part of a rose plant, which may be obtained from any source. Branches or decorative wood, dried or painted, may be used. Live plant material must not be dyed or painted. Accessories are permitted. Space allotted: 24” wide and 30” deep. No height restrictions.

Special Awards

• Queen of the Show (Edna Caldwell plaque)

• Best Design Sec. V Level A (Rosette)

• Miniature Queen of the Show (plaque) • Best Design Sec. V, Level B (Reta Caldwell plaque)

• Best Shrub Rose (Victor Loeb trophy)

• Best Design Sec. V, Level C (Betty Nielsen trophy)

• Best Red Rose (Wendy Caldwell-Halkewycz trophy)

• Judges’ Choice (Rosette) The “Queen of the Show” may be selected from any of the Specimen Bloom or Spray Classes except Miniature Classes.

In the following Classes, a blend of any colour is to be shown in the Class closest to that colour. i.e. a Red Blend Hybrid Tea would be shown in Cl. 4; an Orange Blend Hybrid Tea would be shown in Cl. 7.

SECTION I Members with 30 or fewer bushes

Class 1: One bloom, any colour

Class 2: One spray (*), any colour One

Class 3: Miniature specimen or spray (*), any colour

SECTION II Hybrid Tea Type (1 bloom per stem)

Class 4: One bloom, Red

Class 5: One bloom, Pink

Class 6: One bloom, Yellow

Class 7: One bloom, Orange

Class 8: One bloom, White or Near White

Class 9: One bloom, any colour other than those listed above Floribunda Type (Multiple blooms per stem)

Class: 10: One spray (*), Red

Class 11: One spray (*), Pink

Class 12: One spray (*), White or near White

Class 13: One spray (*), any colour other than those listed above


Class 14: Climber, one spray (*) Red

Class 15: Climber, one spray (*), Pink

Class 16: Climber, one spray (*), any colour other than those listed above

English “Austin”

Class 17: One bloom, Pink

Class 18: One bloom, Yellow

Class 19: One bloom, any colour other than those listed above

Class 20: One spray (*), Pink

Class 21: One spray (*), Yellow

Class 22: One spray (*), any colour other than those listed above


Class 23: Shrub one spray (*), Red

Class 24: Shrub one spray (*), Pink (Bonica etc.)

Class 25: Shrub one spray (*), any colour or blend other than those listed above

Class 26: One Bloom, any colour

Canadian Roses

Please refer to Canadian Hardy Roses for more information

Class: 27: Explorer series rose, one spray (*), Pink

Class 28: Explorer series rose, one spray (*), any other colour

Class 29: Parkland/Morden series rose, one spray (*), Red

Class 30: Parkland / Morden series rose, one spray (*), Pink

Class 31: Parkland / Morden series rose, one spray (*), any colour other than those listed above

Class 32: Canadian Artist series rose, one spray (*), any colour

Class 33: Any other Canadian rose not listed, any colour


Class 34: One bloom, any colour or blend (not miniature) floating in a suitable container, No foliage. Note: the rose MUST FLOAT.

Class 35: Most fragrant rose, one stem. Also, to be judged by the public.


Miniature Roses

Class 36: One bloom, any colour or blend

Class 37: One spray (*), any colour or blend

Class 38: Collection of miniature roses

Class 39: One bloom Miniature, any colour or blend, floating in a suitable container. Note: the rose MUST FLOAT. No foliage.


Non-Members and Youth

Class 40: One bloom, any colour

Class 41: One spray (*), any colour

Class 42: One Miniature bloom or spray (*), any colour



Entries are divided into two categories:

Novice: This class accommodates designers who feel they have not had enough experience to compete at the advanced level (Experienced).

Experienced: Experienced designers and/or certified/accredited judges of Horticultural Flower Shows or Agricultural Fairs compete at this level.

THEME: DAVID AUSTIN: Rosarian of the World Design titles are the same for both levels – Novice and Experienced designers


Class 44: SUMMER SONG A small design not to exceed 10” (25 cm) in any direction

Class 45: FISHERMAN’S FRIEND A design with visible use of water

Class 46: QUEEN NEFERTITI A design

Class 47: *INVITATIONAL CLASS* MEMORIES A Reflective Design

A Reflective Design is a creative design containing material(s) that reflect, give back image(s) of light or other components to the viewer. Reflective components are essential to the design and must appear throughout the design. Staging a design on or in front of a mirror is not a Reflective Design.

Please Note:   Except for Classes 40,41,42 and 47 you must be a member of Huronia Rose Society to exhibit. Please go to the top of this home page, click on Membership and follow instructions to download the membership form. You can also join on the day of the show before placing your entries.

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