Rose Petal News April 2019

Message from Virginia Foster, President of the Huronia Rose Society

Dear Fellow Rosarians: Spring has officially arrived, and the snow is melting. The bookmarks and members handouts will be ready for our meeting on April 16th for those who renew their memberships. As you know we are always looking for new members so if you know of someone who might be interested, please encourage them to come to our next meeting. We are always looking for ideas for fundraising and Michelle has come up with a great idea. We are going to be selling miniature roses at the next District 16 seminar for the Horticultural Association. (April 6th). We were saddened to hear of the passing away of Grace’s husband Gordon. There is a message later in the newsletter. We will have the information concerning the roses at our meeting so it will give you a chance to put an order on any of the roses that you wish to buy. We are looking forward to hearing from Elizabeth Schleicher, at our April 16th meeting, speaking on the Copenhagen Adventures. We will also have the results from the photographic competition. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Virginia Foster, 

 Open Meeting   Tuesday, April 16 at 7:00pm

Speaker – Elizabeth Schleicher, of the Hamilton/Burlington Rose Society

Her presentation title is: ‘Copenhagen Rose Adventures’.

She and her husband visited Denmark, attending the triennial convention of World Rose Societies in 2018. In this talk she will cover some of the flavour of Copenhagen and the highlights of the World Federation of Rose Societies convention. Then on the post convention tour we will visit some private rose gardens organized by the Danish Rose Society which celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2018.  Elizabeth is an excellent photographer so I can guarantee we will all have an excellent program.

Also, this evening, the results of our Photographic Competition will be on view. You can purchase some of HRS unique greeting cards with rose photos by our members. The blank card allows you to inscribe any appropriate message to the recipient.

Saturday 22 or Sunday, June 23

Sign up at our first meeting, the evening of April 16th, if you are interested in car pooling to visit the newly renovated rose gardens at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington and visit the Hamilton/Burlington Rose Show the same day. Sign up list will be at April 16 meeting, for members only.  This is a way to support a sister Rose Society by visiting their show and get some new ideas, perhaps. There may be an entrance fee.You will be notified with all details later.  For further details, contact Edna, 705 721-0484.

Tuesday. July 16 – Garden Visit  Members only, 6:30 pm.

We are looking for an invitation from one of our members to visit their garden for a social visit and to enjoy their gardening efforts. Contact Edna 705 721-0484 if you would like to share your gardens. Once again, this evening is a perk for members only.

The Chinook Sunrise Rose

The second addition to Vineland’s 49th Parallel Collection of roses. This incredible rose blooms in a flush with a riot of exotic coral colours. Gardeners will love this low-maintenance beauty measuring 150cm in height with an almost 150cm spread, black spot tolerance and winter hardiness across Canada. 


Chinook Sunrise boasts outstanding beauty with its unique coral blossoms resembling the bright, warm hues of a rising sun. The flowers start as deep apricot buds, revealing a riot of pink as they open. Chinook Sunrise’s incredible range of colour strays from the usual dark pink and red shades that have dominated Canadian rose breeding. Chinook Sunrise succeeds Canadian Shield®, the wildly successful first release in the collection. (Information courtesy of the National Post)

Fundraising event at District 16 meeting  Linda Forster from District 16 has approved the sale of miniature roses at the meeting. The mini roses will be the center piece on each table and will sell for $10.00. The HRS thanks Michelle for her the initiative and work to make this happen. The roses will be in 6” pots and an assortment of colours. Any remaining roses will be made available to the membership for purchase.

                                                  Annual rose show report

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” Robert Brault

That was the quote that I used to describe last years Rose show, it was splendid! This year we plan to make the show even more spectacular. Our theme for 2019 is to remember and celebrate the life of British rose grower, David Austin who passed away December 18th / 2019. Mark your calendars for July 2nd and watch in the next newsletter for the Rose schedule.     THEME: David Austin “Rosarian of the World”



award table 2


Sale of Ontario-grown potted Rose Bushes Barrie Farmers’ market city hall, Collier and Mulcaster street. Saturday. May 11, 18, 8am-noon, Orillia Farmers’ market ODAS park, Fairgrounds road, 8am-noon, , Saturday. May 11, 18, 8:00am-noon Orillia Farmers’ market Public Library parking lot Mississauga and West streets, same dates and times. For more information- call 705-689-2331

Click here for photos and information on roses that will be for sale

News flash- OMHS’s (Oro Medonte Horticultural society) the board has agreed to sell any extra unsold HRS rose bushes at their major plant sale on May 25, if we aren’t sold out ! This sale draws many gardening friends and should be a good opportunity to conclude our rose bush sales.

              PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION 2018 RESULTS HURONIA ROSE SOCIETY Class 1: A photo of a garden with Roses (3 entries)

First: Janice Schmidt Second: Grace Kent Third: Virginia Foster

Class 2: A close – up photo of one rose bloom (any type) (9 entries) First: Charlotte LeBoeuf  Second: Ellen Spencer  Third: Edna Caldwell

Class 3: A close-up of a cluster of roses (any type) (10 entries) First: Edna Caldwell Second: Grace Kent  Third: Charlotte LeBoeuf

Class 4: A photo of the Millennium Memorial Rose Garden (2 entries) First: Edna Caldwell Second: Edna Caldwell

Class 5: A photo of roses and a companion (5 entries) First: Charlotte LeBoeuf Second: Janice Schmidt Third: Ellen Spencer

Class 6: A close-up photo of a Canadian rose (4 entries) First: Janice Schmidt Second: Edna Caldwell Third: Edna Caldwell

Class 7: A close-up of an old English rose Austin (8 entries) First: Edna Caldwell Second: Ellen Spencer Third: Grace Kent

Class 8: A close-up of a miniature rose (1 entry) First: Virginia Foster

Class 9: A close-up of any rose (fully open) (6 entries) First: Janice Schmidt Second: Ellen Spencer Third: Janice Schmidt

Class 10: A photo of a rose bush including a climber in bloom (5 entries) First: Ellen Spencer Second: Edna Caldwell Third: Edna Caldwell Number or entries 53, 2018

Number of entries  2018 (53) 2017 (43)  2016  (62)  2015 (48)


BEST in SHOW   Charlotte LeBoeuf  A Rose and a Companion Class 5


Judge’s Choice     Janice Schmidt    A Garden with Roses  Class 1


Discussions are still ongoing with representatives of the CRS. We will keep you updated with the progress. It is the desire of the Huronia Rose Society HRS to assist the CRS wherever possible, so they can continue the promotion of growing roses and the school for rose judges.



Gordon Kent – We are sad to share that Grace’s husband of 60 years passed away in March. He was a CBC and then TVO employee for years. The family moved to Innisfil in 1975 where they farmed while Gordon commuted to Toronto for work every day. He enjoyed photography, travel. painting, gardening and his church. He lived at Grove Park Home for the past several months. Up until that time, he attended all our meetings with Grace. Our condolences are sent to Grace and their family.


Everyone owes a part of his or her time and money to the business of promoting the growth of roses in the Huronia area. By standing together as part of a society we become a stronger voice and authority on the culture of hardy roses. Your ideas and suggestions at our meetings help everyone. We have access to education. Our membership in the society leads directly to advanced education with key note speakers addressing a variety of gardening topics beneficial to all of us. Opportunities to give back to the community. Members of our society provide volunteer support assisting with the Memorial garden. Colleagueship: Being a member is the primary way that people network with people who share common interests. There is still much to be said for periodically meeting people up close and personal for creating friendships. Information. The societies’ emails, newsletters, and website keep you informed. Membership enriches our lives in many ways and provides on-going information about the ever-changing landscape of growing roses. So please fill out the membership application below (if not done so already) and work with people who share the same passion and commitment for the love of the Rose.

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