Rose Petal News June/July 2017

Message from Janice Schmidt, President

Dear Fellow Rosarians:

We have certainly had our fair share of extreme weather conditions this spring. Cold one day, wet the next with doses of very hot temperatures in between. It’s a miracle my garden survived.

In fact, my garden looks lovely. The roses have leafed out and I just finished fertilizing with something NEW. I used ALPACA BEANS.

An Alpaca is a ruminant which means they are an even-toed mammal that chews the cud regurgitated from its rumen. Cattle, sheep, antelopes, deer, giraffes, and their relatives are ruminants.

Alpacas have three stomachs which converts grass and hay to energy very quickly. The manure is lower in organic matter content than the manure from most other barnyard livestock but still has enough to improve soil texture and water-holding capacity. This lower organic content means the beans do not have to be “aged or cured”. So, they will not “burn “the plants they meet.

It is also good to know that the nitrogen and potassium content of alpaca beans is very high making them an excellent fertilizer. I have just ordered another 40 lbs. to pick up next weekend and I am really looking forward to seeing what improvement it may make to my roses and all my perennials this year. I will keep you updated in the next newsletter.


Rose Show Meeting

The Annual Rose show committee has met several times to plan our annual show which takes place on Tuesday, July 11th, 2017. The committee members are Ellen Spencer, Michelle Lynch, Lynn Schnitter and Janice Schmidt.

We are very excited about our show which is at the Dorian Parker Center. Entries will be received between 5:00 pm and 6:45 pm with judging to start at 7:00 pm.

The theme for this year is: CELEBRATING CANADA FROM SEA TO SEA TO SEA   

With DESIGN classes that include:

  • Rocky Shores, a design
  • Prairie Wind, a design
  • Northern Lights, a design
  • The invitational class is a floor design, 30” by 30” and a maximum of 6 ft. with a theme of “Beat the Drum”

Our program will be a brief presentation on judging roses and then those that are present will be able to practice judging.

This show will display a love of Canada and, in our own way, celebrate our country’s

150th birthday.

Open Meeting Schedules for Summer 2017









July 11



Program:  7 pm
Rose Show: 8 pm
Entries received:  5 – 6:45 pm
Through the Eyes of the Judge
July 25 Garden Visit to a Member’s Garden 6:30 pm – dusk


Sept. 19 Historic Highlights of Roses down the Years

Awards Night from Rose Show

Brochures and Many Cut Roses Given Away Rene Schmitz Palatine Rose and Fruit Nursery


Oct. 17 Carpet and Knockout Roses
Photo Competition: submit entries
Anna Sauve, Master Gardener

Garden Visit – “An Evening in the Garden” – Virginia and Victor Foster have invited us to their new home and beginning garden. Please consult your copy of the newsletter for the address and directions. Any questions, call Edna, 705 721-0484.

Rose Card Sales

This year we were able to set up a vender’s table (no charge) at the Horticultural District 16 Spring AGM held at Tangle Creek Golf Club. There was a wonderful turnout with lots of interest in our cards.  People were impressed that the photos were taken by our members and were our own roses.   We sold $55 worth of cards and many took our bookmarks for future reference.  This is another way of getting the word out and fundraising.

Photographic Competition 2016 Results

Class 1: A photo of a garden with Roses (6 entries)

First: Janice Schmidt
Second: Jeanne Leong
Third: Grace Kent
HM: Virginia Foster

Class 2: A close – up photo of one rose bloom (any type) (15 entries)

First: Edna Caldwell
Second: Virginia Foster
Third: Charlotte LeBoeuf
HM: Grace Kent

Class 3: A close-up of a cluster of roses (any type) (9 entries)

First: Ellen Spencer
Second: Virginia Foster
Third: Virginia Foster
HM: Edna Caldwell

Class 4: A photo of the Millennium Memorial Rose Garden (2 entries)

First: Edna Caldwell
Second: Edna Caldwell

 Class 5:  A photo of roses and a companion (5 entries)

First: Janice Schmidt
Second: Ellen Spencer
Third: Ellen Spencer
HM: Grace Kent

  Class 6: A close-up photo of a Canadian rose (7entries)

First: Janice Schmidt

Second: Jeanne Leong
Third: Edna Caldwell
HM: Edna Caldwell

Class 7: A close-up of an old English rose Austin (10 entries)

First: Janice Schmidt
Second: Ellen Spencer
Third: Grace Kent
HM: Ellen Spencer

 Class 8: A close-up of a miniature rose (1 entry)

First: Ellen Spencer

Class 9: A close-up of any rose (fully open) (6 entries)

First: Edna Caldwell
Second: Janice Schmidt
Third: Ellen Spencer

BEST IN SHOW:    Janice Schmidt   

Number of entries: 62 in 2016

Number of entries: 48 in 2015

Annual Photography Competition 2017 Call for Entries

Convener: Janice Schmidt (705-728-7719) email

The Huronia Rose Society invites our members to enter the Photo contest.

Competition Rules

  • Submission of all photographs must be accompanied by an entry tag and include:
  • Photographer’s name
  • Where the image was taken ( if possible)
  • Category entered including class number
  • Name of the rose(s) (if possible)
  • Photographers can enter 2 entries per class
  • Photos taken in 2016 and 2017 may be submitted except for entries from a previous Huronia Rose Society photographic competition
  • Any type of camera is permitted.
  • The photographs must be 4″ by 6″
  • The photographer/s of the winning entries may be asked for permission to use the images on the Huronia Rose society greeting cards. Digital access or the original photos should then be supplied
  • Photographs will be submitted and judged at the September 2017 meeting


  1. A photo of a garden with roses
  2. A close- up photo of one rose bloom (any type)
  3. A close- up of a cluster of roses ( any type)
  4. A photo of the Millennium Memorial Rose Garden (205 Lakeshore Dr. Barrie)
  5. A photo of roses and a companion plant in the garden (any type of rose or companion)
  6. A close –up of a Canadian rose (Morden, Explorer or Artist rose, a bloom or spray)
  7. A close- up of an old English rose (David Austin type, a bloom or spray)
  8. A close – up of a miniature rose (a bloom or spray)
  9. A close- up of any rose fully open with stamens showing
  10. Celebrating Canada’s 150th with flowers (this is a special class, which allows photographs of any flowers with or without roses to be submitted)

Images will be judged for originality, composition, overall visual impact and artistic merit.


Annual Rose Show Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Location: Dorian Parker Centre,  227 Sunnidale Road Barrie

Conveners: Janice Schmidt (705-728-7719) Michelle Lynch (705-325-4123) Lynn Schnitter (705-252-0289)

Rules and Regulations

  1. Entries Received: 5:00 pm – 6:45 pm
  2. Judging: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  3. At the time of judging only Committee Members are allowed in the judging area.
  4. Show viewing- 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  5. Entries are NOT to be removed before 9:00 pm
    NOTE: Exhibitors are requested to assist with clean up after the show.
  6. Exhibitors must be Members of Huronia Rose Society except in Section IV and Class 45
  7. All specimen blooms must be grown by the exhibitor.  Please indicate name of rose if known.
  8. Exhibitors must provide suitable containers for their entries.
  9. The Huronia Rose Society or the Show Committee are not responsible for loss, damage or theft.
  10. Ribbons are attached to winning entries.  Trophies will be awarded at the September meeting.  Trophies shall remain the property of the Huronia Rose Society.
  11. Judges may withhold an award if an entry is not deemed worthy.  Judges decisions are final.
  12. Exhibitors are permitted 5 entries per specimen class, provided they are different cultivars (colours), unless otherwise stated.
  13. The Show Chairperson has the right to divide any specimen class. A minimum of three of one colour, size etc. is required to warrant such a division.
  14. Entry tags should be correctly filled in, and completed if possible prior to arriving at the Show, including   the name of the rose, if known. Securely attach the tag, except in Miniature and Decorative Sections, where they should be placed under or beside the entry.
  15. Each exhibitor is responsible for placing their entries in the correct class. The Canadian Rose Society Colour Classification Guide should be consulted.  Ask the passing clerks for help if unsure, before marking your tag.
  16. Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards will be followed for Designs. Canadian Rose Society Judging Guidelines will be used for specimens.
  17. All foliage must be naturally attached in the specimen classes.
  18. A ‘SPRAY’ is defined as a main or lateral stem with a number of blooms and/or buds, with TWO or more of  the blooms, one-half or more open.
    Early disbudding of centre bud is permitted in any spray.   NOTE:   This rule applies to any Class that calls for a Spray and has this symbol (*)
  19. In the Decorative Division, all designs must include rose(s) or some part of a rose plant, which may be obtained from any source.   Any type of plant material, branches or decorative wood, dried or treated, may be used. A judicious use of painted material is permitted.  Accessories are also permitted.  Space allotted: 24” wide and 30” deep.  No height restrictions.

Special Awards

  • Queen of the Show (Edna Caldwell plaque)
  • Best Design Sec. V Level A (Rosette)
  • Miniature Queen of the Show (plaque)
  • Best Design Sec. V, Level B (Reta Caldwell plaque)
  • Best Shrub Rose (Victor Loeb trophy)
  • Best Design Sec. V, Level C (Betty Nielsen trophy)
  • Best Red Rose (Wendy Caldwell-Halkewycz trophy)
  • Judges’ Choice (Rosette)

The “Queen of the Show” may be selected from any of the Specimen Bloom or Spray Classes except Miniature Classes.

In the following Classes, a “blend” of any colour is to be shown in the Class closest to that colour. i.e. a Red Blend Hybrid Tea would be shown in Cl. 4; an Orange Blend Hybrid Tea would be shown in Cl. 7.

SECTION I Members with 30 or fewer bushes


  1. One bloom, any colour
  2. One spray (*), any colour
  3. One Miniature specimen or spray (*), any colour


Hybrid Tea Type (1 bloom per stem)


  1. One bloom, Red
  2. One bloom, Pink
  3. One bloom, Yellow
  4. One bloom, Orange
  5. One bloom, White or Near White
  6. One bloom, any colour other than those listed above

Floribunda Type (Multiple blooms per stem)


  1. One spray (*), Red
  2. One spray (*), Pink
  3. One spray (*), White or near White
  4. One spray (*), any colour other than those listed above



  1. Climber, one spray (*), Red
  2. Climber, one spray (*), Pink
  3. Climber, one spray (*), any colour other than those listed above

English “Austin”


  1. One bloom, Pink
  2. One bloom, Yellow
  3. One bloom, any colour other than those listed above
  4. One spray (*), Pink
  5. One spray (*), Yellow
  6. One spray (*), any colour other than those listed above



  1. Shrub one spray (*), Red
  2. Shrub one spray (*), Pink (Bonica etc.)
  3. Shrub one spray (*), any colour or blend other than those listed above
  4. One Bloom, any colour

Canadian Roses

Please refer to Canadian Hardy Roses for more information


  1. Explorer series rose, one spray (*), Pink
  2. Explorer series rose, one spray (*), any other colour
  3. Parkland/Morden series rose, one spray (*), Red
  4. Parkland / Morden series rose, one spray (*), Pink
  5. Parkland / Morden series rose, one spray (*), any colour other than those listed above
  6. Canadian Artist series rose, one spray (*), any colour
  7. Any other Canadian rose not listed, any colour



  1. One bloom, any colour or blend (not miniature) floating in a suitable container, No foliage. Note: the rose MUST FLOAT.
  2. Most fragrant rose, one stem.  *Also to be judged by the public.


Miniature Roses


  1. One bloom, any colour or blend
  2. One spray (*), any colour or blend
  3. Collection of miniature roses
  4. One bloom Miniature, any colour or blend, floating in a suitable container. Note: the rose MUST FLOAT.   No foliage.


Non-Members and Youth


  1. One bloom, any colour
  2. One spray (*), any colour
  3. One Miniature bloom or spray (*), any colour


Decorative Designs

THEME: “Celebrating Canada From Sea to Sea to Sea”

Level A- Novice (one who has never won an award)

Level B – Designers with Limited Experience

Level C – Advanced Designers

These design titles are the same for levels A, B, C


  1. A vase of roses
  2. Rocky Shores (a design)
  3. Prairie Wind (a design)
  4. Northern Lights (a design)
  5. Beat the Drums (Invitational, a floor design) Space allotted maximum 30” x 30” x 6 ft (this class only)

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