Rose Petal News April 2017


Dear Fellow Rosarians:
There is a saying that time flies when you’re having fun, and it certainly does seem to go faster at weekends or on those long-awaited holidays, but the truth is that time just whizzes past anyway and all ready it is Canada’s 150th anniversary. I am old enough to remember the celebrations for the 100th.
This will be a very exciting year!
And just in time for Canada’s birthday, Canadian Shield™, has created the first rose in a curated collection known as Vineland’s 49th Parallel Collection and we will be selling it this year at the farmer’s market. Don’t forget to read Edna’s article with all the wonderful details about the new rose. Mark on your calendar July 11th, our rose show. Our schedule will have a new theme for this special year from a great team.



TUESDAY, APRIL 18th  at 7:00pm–

Topic “Planting a Spring Container”. Speaker – Lynne Melnyk, Certified OHA Judge
Photographic Competition results and preview of roses bushes for sale in May

TUESDAY, JULY 11thProgram and  Rose Show.

Entries received – 5:00 – 6:45pm.

Program – 7 pm. while show is being judged.

Rose Show opens at 8 pm

JULY (date TBA later)  Visit to a member’s rose garden 6:30pm until dusk

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th at 7:00pm

Topic “Historic Highlights of Roses down the Years”. Speaker -Rene Schmitz, of Palatine Rose Nursery, Niagara. Brochures and many cut roses given away.

Rose Show Awards Presentation

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17th at 7:00pm– “Carpet and Knockout Roses”  Speaker : Anna Sauve, Master Gardener.
Photo Competition, submit entries

Audrey Miller passed away on January 7th and we extend our sympathy to her sisters, Gladys and Joyce. Audrey’s lovely roses were a welcome addition to our annual rose shows. She won many awards over the years for both her miniature and large roses as well as floral designs. Audrey served as our secretary for 12 years, resigning in 2012. She continued to serve on our board of directors until last Fall when ill health prevented her participation. We will be planting a rose in our Millennium Memorial Garden at the Southshore Centre and a plaque in her honour. Donations towards this will be accepted at our April 18th meeting.

Be sure to attend our ANNUAL ROSE SHOW held at the Dorian Parker Centre on July 11/2017.The schedule will follow in the early summer newsletter.
We have a new team working on the schedule so you can expect an exciting evening filled with entertainment, colourful fragrant roses combined with unique design classes. Mark your calendars with the date.  Any questions please do not hesitate to contact Janice

Don Komarecha is a nature, and landscape photographer and has been our judge for the photographic competition for the last 3 years. We are very proud of his contributions to our society. He also teaches workshops in the areas of nature photography and he uses his photos to explore and understand the world around him.
Join us at the spring meeting April 18th to find out this year’s winners and best photo in the show.

One special meeting each summer is an evening “Garden Visit” to one of our member’s garden in July. We gather at 6:30 pm until dusk, everyone brings a few snacks. This is a perk of your HRS membership as it is for Members only. Would you like to show off your garden to our group? As the host, you would choose the preferred evening. Call Edna 705 721-0484 to offer to host this social event for members.

Canada Blooms Chooses the New Rose: ‘Canadian Shield™ 2017 Plant of the Year. Vineland Research and Innovation Centre located in Vineland, Ontario, is still breeding roses.
Just in time for Canada’s 150th birthday, ‘Canadian Shield™’, part of Vineland’s ‘49th Parallel Collection’, will be released. “Canadian Shield™ and the entire ‘49th Parallel Collection’ have all the low maintenance traits and visual appeal that consumers love in landscape roses,” said Lana Culley, Director of Business Development, Vineland. The Canadian Shield™ rose grows around one-metre tall and has glossy green foliage. It’s a repeat bloomer that stays stunning throughout the entire season. Just as its name suggests, ‘Canadian Shield™’ is hardy to zone 3 and resistant to black spot.
More than 20 Canadian nurseries are licensed to propagate and grow 50,000 Canadian Shield™ roses in time for Canada Day 2017. Its selection by Canada Blooms, Canada’s largest garden show, means the rose will be featured at the show this March in Toronto and there should be blooming bushes in their new product section.

HRS has been able to add 10 of these roses from J.C. Bakker. If you wish to reserve one for yourself, notify Ligita at 705 -689 – 2331. A cheque must be sent for $20. to Ligita as soon as possible. (Above article reprinted from Canadian Rose Society Winter 2017 newsletter with permission by the editor).

Roses at the Farmers’ Markets 2017: 21 varieties of potted rose bushes.

All the roses are purchased from Ontario Rose growers and are selected for repeat flowering, hardiness to our climate, disease resistance, beauty and fragrance. There is a rose waiting for your garden including the “The Canadian Shield” rose. Please visit us at the Farmers’ Market in Barrie on May 6th, 13th, 20th and at the two Orillia Farmers’ markets on May 13th , 20th 27th. **Please note: These dates apply only while our supply lasts. Come early for best choices.

The price per rose bush is $20.00. Pre-paid, pre-orders will be accepted.
Please contact Ligita 705 689-2331 or .  


Detailed information about each rose.


Felix LeClerc (Hot Pink)

Emily Carr (Red)

Oscar Peterson (White)

Campfire (Red/Yellow tones)


J.P. Connell (Lemon Yellow with White undertones)

Champlain (Red)

Martin Frobisher (Light Pink)


Kordes Florentina  (Bright Red)


Take it Easy ( Red with light pink reverse)

Black Forest (Bright Red)

Lion’s Fairy Tale (Creamy colour with Apricot /Pink centres)


William Morris  (Apricot / Pink)


Love and Peace (Yellow brushed with Pink)

Grande Amore (Dark Red)

Peace  (Light Yellow to Cream)

South Africa (Dark Gold)


Salmon Vigorosa  (Medium Pink)


Canadian Shield (Red)

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