May/ June Newsletter 2015

 Rose Petal News May / June 2015

Message from Janice Schmidt, President of the HRS.

Dear Fellow Rosarians: Our success as a Society depends upon our dedicated Members, who have generously given their time and expertise over the years by assisting us in our many projects. So, I am asking for your help one more time: Can each of you talk to a friend or colleague that you know enjoys gardening and see if they would like to come and join our Society. We always have exciting news and upcoming events to celebrate and share and the more Members the better in order to insure and guarantee that our future will continue. For example, the 35th anniversary of the Huronia Rose Society is fast approaching and we will celebrate this important time at the annual Rose Show on Tuesday, June 30th. Our schedule has been revised to include an Invitational Design class, and we have six newly accredited judges participating. I know that their imagination and creativity will present a truly interesting competition. So mark your calendar and be sure to attend and bring that friend as we will be having lots of fun

June 30th — Celebration of 35th Anniversary of the Huronia Rose Society

Annual Rose Show Theme “Thinking Outside the Box”

See attached schedule for entry times and show classes

Silent Auction 7:00 pm — General meeting with a fun floral demonstration

Show opens at 8:00 pm

There will be cake!

RESULTS FROM OUR ROSE SALES FUNDRAISER What a fund raising event this was! A total of 140 potted Rose bushes was purchased and picked up by Society Members from two rose growers in St. Catharine’s & Niagara-on-the Lake. Pre-sales orders and one Saturday at three Farmers’ Markets left us only with 15 to sell. By the second Saturday, only four America Climbing roses were left, looking for a place to grow. Thank you, everyone, who participated to make this a successful event. We also thank all our Members and customers for your support. Also thank you to the Horticultural Society Members who traveled from Huntsville, Gravenhurst, and other distant places. Take good care of your purchased roses and we hope to see you all back next year. To our fabulous Sales Team – keep your sales technique sharp. Rose bushes are already on order for the 2016 Market Sales.

OPEN MEETING SCHEDULES FOR 2015 June 30 with Rose Show. To start our 35th celebrations, there will be scrapbooks of photographs and newspaper clippings of our activities over the years. See how many Members you recognize. Then the “Rose Amigos” will drop in to entertain us with their skills at floral design. Watch their techniques carefully and pick up some tips to use yourself. When the program is over, the judging will be finished so we can all enjoy the many beautiful roses. A 35th Anniversary Cake will be enjoyed at refreshment time.

Garden Visit – This is one of the benefits of membership in HRS. On Tues. July 14 we are invited to visit the garden of Trudy and Frank Seyforth, 3 Brindle Rd., Penetanguishene. We plan to arrive around 6:30 pm so we can enjoy their beautiful garden before sunset. Everyone attending is asked to bring a few snacks to share. Car pooling is possible. So, meet at the Canadian Tire parking lot by Bayfield St. Departure time is 5:30 pm as it will take about an hour to get to the Seyforths.

Miniature Roses

Miniature roses will be sold at the June 30th meeting of the Huronia Rose Society. They are locally propagated by Dale Lovering, a Member our Society. Minis are grown on their own roots, and are suitable as border or patio plants. Each will be sold for $8, of which $1 will go to the Huronia Rose Society. The following roses are a good selection of colours and varieties that will be available: Rose Name Colour Rose Name Colour Bianca White Jeanne Lajoie Medium Pink – Climber Black Jade Dark Red Magic Carrousel Red Blend Cider Cup Apricot Blend Minnie Pearl Pink Blend Chelsea Belle Medium Pink Party Girl Yellow Blend Popcorn White Water Lily White 

Year 2015 Membership

Name(s) : ……………………………….………..…………………………….….… Address : .………………………………..…………..……………………..… Street Number, Name Municipality

Postal Code Phone : .……………………… e-mail : …………………….……………….. [ ] No e-mail

Please note that Member names and addresses are not made public. [ ] New Member or [ ] Renewing Member

I prefer to receive the Huronia Rose Society newsletter by: [ ] E-mail (pdf file) OR [ ] Postal Mail (paper copy)

I am willing to volunteer for one or more of the following activities*: (optional) [ ] Annual Rose Show Committee [ ] Millennium Memorial Rose Garden maintenance [ ] Spring Rose Sales (Barrie and/or Orillia Farmers’ Markets) [ ] Rose Society Publicity [ ] Newsletter Contributions [ ] Web Site Content [ ] General Meeting Topics and / or Speakers [ ] Huronia Rose Society Executive *Your name will be forwarded to the appropriate Rose Society Director.

Amount: $ 12.00 [ ] Individual or $15.00 [ ] Family

NOTE: Memberships expire October 31st. Membership includes: – 5 meetings annually to meet and share experiences with fellow gardeners (February, April, June, September and November); exhibitor status at the Society’s annual Rose Show in June, bi-monthly Newsletters available via e-mail or postal mail, Membership Handout listing HRS events plus types of roses for sale, and 10% discount at Botanix – Barrie’s Garden Centre (formerly Botanix Garden Centre.) Please make your cheque payable to the “Huronia Rose Society” Membership Form: Print and submit with your cheque at the next General Meeting, OR forward by postal mail to: Huronia Rose Society, 10 Cook Street, Barrie, ON L4M 4E9 Membership Card Your Membership Card serves as your receipt and Proof of Membership for purchase discounts. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… HURONIA ROSE SOCIETY ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION

Entries Submitted Nov. 17, 2015; Prizes awarded – April meeting, 2016 Convener: Janice Schmidt (705-728-7719)

The Huronia Rose Society invites our Members to enter the Photo contest. Competition Rules: Entry tags must accompany all submissions including: Photographers name Category entered (All information on the reverse side of the photo) Photographers are allowed to enter 2 entries per Class Photos taken in 2015 may be submitted except for entries from a previous Huronia Rose society photographic competition. All photos must be 4”X 6” colour prints. Any type of camera is permitted The photographer/s of the winning entries may be asked for permission to use the images on the Huronia Rose Society greeting cards. Digital access or negatives should then be supplied. Deadline for submission is November 17, 2015, at our regular open meeting at the Dorion Parker Centre, 227 Sunnidale Rd., Barrie.


A photo of a garden with roses

A close- up photo of one rose bloom (any type)

A close- up of a cluster of roses ( any type)

A photo of the Millennium Memorial Rose Garden (205 Lakeshore Rd. Barrie)

A photo of roses and a companion plant in the garden (any type of rose or companion)

A close –up of a Canadian rose( Morden, Explorer or Artist rose, single or spray)

A close- up of an old English rose ( David Austin type, single or spray)

A close – up of a miniature rose( single or spray)

A close- up of any rose fully open with stamens showing

Images will be judged for originality, composition, overall visual impact, and artistic merit. ALL DECISIONS MADE BY THE JUDGE ARE FINAL

HURONIA ROSE SOCIETY ANNUAL ROSE SHOW Tuesday, June30, 2015 Dorian Parker Centre #227 Sunnidale Road Barrie Conveners: Ellen Spencer (705-739-9101) Edna Caldwell (705-721-0484)

Rules and Regulations

1 Entries Received: 5:00 pm – 6:45 pm

2 Judging: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

3 At the time of judging only Committee Members are allowed in the judging area.

4 Show viewing- 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

5 Entries are NOT to be removed before 9:00 pm
 NOTE: Exhibitors are requested to assist with clean up after the show

6 Exhibitors must be Members of Huronia Rose Society except in Section IV and Class 44

7 All specimen blooms must be grown by the exhibitor. Please indicate name of rose if known.

8 Exhibitors must provide suitable containers for their entries.

9 The Huronia Rose Society and the Show Committee are not responsible for loss, damage or theft.

10 Prizes will be ribbons only, with the exception of trophies, which will be given out at the September meeting. Trophies shall remain the property of the Huronia Rose Society.

11 Judges may withhold an award if an entry is not deemed worthy. Judges decisions are final.

12 Exhibitors are permitted 5 entries per specimen class, provided they are different cultivars (colours), unless otherwise stated.

13 The Show Chairperson has the right to divide any specimen class if there are sufficient entries. A minimum of three of one colour, size etc. is required to warrant such a division.

14 Entry tags should be correctly filled in, and completed if possible prior to arriving at the Show, including the name of the rose if known. Securely attach the tag, except in Miniature and Decorative Sections, where they should be placed under or beside the entry.

15 Each exhibitor is responsible for placing their entries in the correct colour class. The Canadian Rose Society Colour Classification Guide should be consulted. Ask the passing clerk for help if unsure, before marking your tag. (A passing clerk will guide you as to where to place your entry and answer questions regarding filling in your entry tags.)

16 Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards will be followed for Designs. Canadian Rose Society Judging Guidelines will be used for specimens. All foliage must be naturally attached in the specimen classes.

17 All foliage must be naturally attached in the specimen classes.

18 A ‘SPRAY’ is defined as a main or lateral stem with a number of blooms and/or buds, with TWO or more of the blooms, one-half or more open. Early disbudding of centre bud is permitted in any spray. NOTE: This rule applies to any Class that calls for a Spray and has this symbol (*)

19. In the Decorative Division, all designs must include rose(s) or some part of rose plant, which may be obtained from any source. Any type of plant material, branches or decorative wood, dried or treated, may be used. A judicious use of painted material is permitted. Accessories are also permitted.


Queen of the Show (Edna Caldwell plaque)

Best Design Sec. V Level A (Rosette)

Miniature Queen of the Show (plaque)

Best Design Sec. V, Level B (Reta Caldwell plaque)

Best Shrub Rose (Victor Loeb trophy)

Best Design Sec. V, Level C (Betty Nielsen trophy)

Best Red Rose (Wendy Caldwell-Halkewycz trophy)

The “Queen of the Show” may be selected from any of the Specimen Bloom or Spray Classes except Miniature Classes.

In the following Classes, a “blend” of any colour is to be shown in the Class closest to that colour. i.e. a Red Blend Hybrid Tea would be shown in Cl. 4; an Orange Blend Hybrid Tea would be shown in Cl. 7.


Members with 30 or fewer bushes


1 One bloom, any colour

2 One spray (*), any colour

3 One Miniature specimen or spray (*), any colour

SECTION II- HYBRID TEA TYPE (1 bloom per stem)

4 One bloom, Red

5 One bloom, Pink

6 One bloom, Yellow

7 One bloom, Orange

8 One bloom, White or Near White

9 One bloom, any colour other than those listed above

FLORIBUNDAS TYPE (Multiple blooms per stem)

10 One spray (*), Red

11 One spray (*), Pink

12 One spray (*), White or near White

13 One spray (*), any colour other than those listed above


14 Climber, one spray (*), Red

15 Climber, one spray (*), Pink

16 Climber, one spray (*), any colour other than those listed above

ENGLISH “Austin”

17 One bloom, Pink

18 One bloom, Yellow

19 One bloom, any colour other than those listed above

20 One spray (*), Pink

21 One spray (*), Yellow

22 One spray (*), any colour other than those listed above


23 Shrub one spray (*), Red

24 Shrub one spray (*), Pink (Bonica etc.)

25 Shrub one spray (*), any colour or blend other than those listed above

CANADIAN ROSES Please refer to the last page of this schedule for information regarding Canadian Hardy Roses

Class 26 Explorer series rose, one spray (*), Pink

27 Explorer series rose, one spray (*), any other colour

28 Parkland / Morden series rose, one spray (*), Red

29 Parkland / Morden series rose, one spray (*), Pink

30 Parkland / Morden series rose, one spray (*), any colour other than those listed above

31 Canadian Artist series rose, one spray (*), any colour


32 One bloom, any colour or blend (not miniature) floating in a suitable container, No foliage.

33 Most fragrant rose, one stem


34 One bloom, any colour or blend

35 One spray (*), any colour or blend

36 Collection of miniature roses

37 One bloom Miniature, any colour or blend, floating in a suitable container. No foliage.


38 One bloom, any colour

39 One spray (*), any colour

40 One Miniature bloom or spray (*), any colour


Level A- Novice (one who has never won an award)

Level B – Designers with Limited Experience

Level C – Advanced Designers

These design titles are the same for levels A,B,C

Class 41 SYNERGISTIC: a contemporary design in which several containers are used in a composition. Each container may hold a complete or partial arrangement and the combined units create a unified whole.

Class 42 . COMPLEMENTARY: a design that includes two colours which lie directly opposite each other on the colour wheel, e.g. blue-orange or violet-yellow.

Class 43 . MODERN: a design with no preconceived patterns, few components, new shapes, sculptural qualities, dynamic balance, movement, bold colours. Constantly changing and elegant in composition.



Agriculture Canada and Agri -Food Canada’s winter-hardy roses from the Explorer and Parkland series are winter hardy down to -35C with only snow as winter protection, are disease resistant, and flower repeatedly throughout the summer. They require minimal pruning and come in a variety of colours and sizes. For any Canadian Hardy Roses , please refer to Winter-Hardy Roses brochure written by Agriculture Canada.

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