April 2015 Rose Petal News

Rose Petal News
March / April 2015

Message from Janice Schmidt, President of the HRS.

Dear Fellow Rosarians:
Spring 2015

Spring is Nature’s Way of Saying “Let’s Party!”
Wake up everyone, spring is here, and I am sure we are all looking forward to what this gardening season will bring. You must have noticed that the days are getting longer, and the sun’s rays are very warm making this time very magical especially after such a cold and bitter winter.
March 20th was the Vernal Equinox, a date recognized and celebrated all over the northern hemisphere as the beginning of the planting year. It is a time for fresh starts in all phases of life, at home, in relationships, and most of all in the garden. If you haven’t started already, it is time to start indoor seed planting.
I also have many plans for the garden and can’t wait to start playing in the soil. There will be new flower beds, new plants, new rose bushes and so much more.
So enjoy the power of spring, its regenerative effects, and don’t forget to party.

Botanix– Barrie’s Garden Centre Offers 10% discount to HRS members 
(You must show membership card before purchase is rung up)

“Never Alone” Rose
This new Canadian rose has a two-tone red and white bloom, is hardy and short, can even be grown in a patio container. It has dark green, disease-resistant foliage, hardy to Zone 2b. The background breeding stock was from the Morden Research Station, Manitoba, but was moved to Ontario (because of Government closures) to further the development of Canadian roses by The Canadian National Landscape Association. The breeding and development takes place at Vineland Centre for Research & Innovation, but all new stock are trialed and tested across Canada. Out of this stock has come the Artists’ series of roses: Emily Carr, Felix LeClerc, Bill Reid and Campfire.
This rose has a different Canadian connection. It has been chosen by “The Never Alone
Foundation” (started by a former CFL player) which supports people living with cancer. The royalties from the sales of this rose go to the foundation. At the 2014 Grey Cup game, this rose was introduced and should be available this spring at certain Garden Centres. HRS might even have some available in 2016.
So we have another truly hardy shrub rose, which is easy to care for in our national colours of red and white to enjoy in our gardens.

Renew your HRS Membership! Please complete the Membership form at the end of the newsletter.

April 21st
The presentation will contain photos and information regarding a selection of hardy rose bushes that you will need in your garden this year.

“Hardy Roses”
Edna Caldwell

June 30th

Sept. 15th How different growing conditions exist in the same garden.
“Micro-Climates” Lexi Dearborn
Nov. 17th
Ways to compliment your flowers to add interest to your garden all season.

“Flowering Shrubs”
Catherine Waffle,
Master Gardener

The photographic competition HURONIA ROSE SOCIETY
Photography Competition Results

CLASS 1- A photo of a garden with Roses
First Janice M. Schmidt
Second Ligita Preisbergs
Third Edna Caldwell
HM Janice M. Schmidt
CLASS 2- A close up photo of one bloom (any type)
First Jeanne Leong
Second Ligita Preisbergs
Third Ligita Preisbergs
HM Edna Caldwell
CLASS 3 – A close up of a cluster of roses (any type)
First Edna Caldwell
Second Ellen Spencer
Third Audrey Miller
HM Janice M. Schmidt
CLASS 4- A photo of the Millennium Memorial Rose Garden
First Edna Caldwell
Second Virginia Foster
Third Edna Caldwell
CLASS 5 – A photo of roses and a companion plant in the garden
(any type of rose or companion)
First Edna Caldwell
Second Edna Caldwell
Third Janice M. Schmidt
HM Ellen Spencer

CLASS 6- A close up of a Canadian rose (Morden, Explorer or
Artist rose, single or spray)
First Janice M. Schmidt
Second Edna Caldwell
Third Janice M. Schmidt
CLASS 7- A close up of an old English rose
(David Austen type: single or spray)
First Ellen Spencer
Second Grace Kent
Third Ellen Spencer
HM Janice M. Schmidt
CLASS 8- A close up of a miniature rose (single or spray)
First Grace Kent
CLASS 9- A close up of any rose fully open with stamens showing
First Ellen Spencer
Second Ellen Spencer
Third Virginia Foster
HM Ligita Preisbergs
CLASS 10- Photo of a vase of roses
First Edna Caldwell
Second Edna Caldwell
Third Ligita Preisbergs
HM Virginia Foster

Class 7- A close up of an old English Rose

Ideas for 2015 — We are always interested in what topics our members would like to have for our programs. Send your ideas to any board member or put your topics in the suggestion box at each meeting.

Special Offer for HRS Members!
For the first time we are offering, to our members, pre-orders before the roses go to the Markets.
The price is $19 each or 3 plus for $18 each.
If you are attending the April 21st meeting, please bring your order and payment.
If you are unable to attend – please mail your order and payment to:
Payment – Huronia Rose Society,
Mailing address: Ligita Preisbergs,
3487 Hedgemere Landing , RR3 Orillia, Ont. L3V 6H3.
All pre-order requests must reach me by April 21st.
All rose pre-orders must be picked up at either Barrie or Orillia Farmers’ Markets – please specify.
Visit http://www.huroniarose.com to view the list of roses available to enhance your garden.

Dear Rosie,

I’ve always wanted to add Miniature Roses to my garden. What advice would you give for the selection, planting and care of miniature rose plants?

“Minnie” Hopeful

Dear “Minnie:”

According to a pamphlet that the Huronia Rose Society has written, entitled, “Tips on the Care and Culture of Miniature Roses,” these types of rose plants are both “ … hardy and extremely versatile.”1 With respect to the selection of a miniature rose, the brochure advises that, for an outdoor garden, select plants from 20 to 30 cm tall, with a flower 2 cm to 4 cm in width. In general, the planting and caring for Miniature Roses differs from that of regular roses in that less space, time and materials are required. It is equally important, however, that good soil conditions be provided. Other points to consider regarding these versions of roses include:

give more space between plants to those Miniatures with larger leaves;
“harden-off” Nursery-bought plants for a few days, outside, prior to planting, and keep well-watered while still in their original pots;
when pruning, keep the centre of the plant as clear as possible;
as Miniature Roses bloom earlier than regularly-sized roses, fertilize at about the time that their buds are forming; and
in anticipation of the winter season, and, as for regular roses, mound new soil around the crown, after removing any spent leaves or blooms. Once the ground is frozen, cover in between the soil mounds with leaves or evergreen branches.
1“Tips on the Care and Culture of Miniature Roses,” Huronia Rose Society.


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Garden maintenance
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[ ] Newsletter Contributions [ ] Web Site Content
[ ] General Meeting Topics and / or Speakers [ ] Huronia Rose Society Executive

*Your name will be forwarded to the appropriate Rose Society Director.

Amount: $ 12.00 [ ] Individual or $15.00 [ ] Family NOTE: Memberships expire October 31st.

Membership includes: – 5 meetings annually to meet and share experiences with fellow gardeners
(February, April, June, September and November);
exhibitor status at the Society’s annual Rose Show in June,
bi-monthly Newsletters available via e-mail or postal mail,
Membership Handout listing HRS events plus types of roses for sale, and
10% discount at Botanix – Barrie’s Garden Centre (formerly Botanix Garden Centre.)

Please make your cheque payable to the “Huronia Rose Society”

Membership Form: Print and submit with your cheque at the next General Meeting, OR forward by postal mail to:
Huronia Rose Society, 10 Cook Street, Barrie, ON L4M 4E9

Membership Card Your Membership Card serves as your receipt and Proof of Membership for purchase discounts

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