New location for our meetings will be held at the Dorian Parker Centre, # 227 Sunnidale Rd., Barrie (between Wellington St. and Cundles Rd.), west of Bayfield Street. This is a very pleasant city facility, with plenty of space on one level, in a residential area. We hope that this location will be our permanent home. There is free parking for everyone.

Message from Janice Schmidt, President of the HRS:

Dear fellow Rosarians:
Welcome to 2015! Every New Year is an exciting time as we will all look forward to a new growing season. When the sun shines, I look out the window and dream and plan what plants should I divide, where will I move them to? What new plants should I buy? Can the snow melt any faster? My patience is tested every year at this time.
As I return to reality and several more weeks of winter, I would like to begin this message with thanks to Edna Caldwell, our past president, and all the members of the executive that helped with Huronia Rose Society’s success over the last few years. Everyone worked tirelessly on many annual activities and new initiatives. I would also like to recognize the contributions of those that have retired from the executive but continue to attend our meetings and share their love of roses and gardening.
This year is our 35th anniversary, and it promises to be a good year with our annual rose sales at the farmers market, rose show, and inspiring speakers’ program. Therefore, I encourage you to attend our meetings, and as many of the other activities the society has planned in this special year.
I look forward to seeing you at our general meetings and if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email me or any of your executive.
Renew your HRS Membership! For the Year 2015, Memberships will be available for renewal/sale at the Feb. 17th General Meeting. Please complete the Membership form at the end of the newsletter.

Feb. 17th
Photographic competition photos;
A sneak peek of the new rose bushes HRS will have for sale in May;
A brief annual meeting and a chance to socialize
Come to experience the beautiful roses and gardens that were captured on film last summer. It will help us to get through Feb and March.

April 21st
There will be miniature roses for sale that evening and photos with information of our selection of hardy rose bushes that we will have for your garden this May.
Speaker: Dale Lovering “Canadian Hardy Roses”

June 30th Annual Rose Show! with a program celebrating The Huronia Rose Society’s 35th Anniversary!

Sept. 15th
Topic and speaker TBA

Nov. 17th
“100 Garden Questions” Shari-Lynn Safir

Silent Auction of a painting of a rose “Tiffany” donated by local botanical artist Cherin Harris-Tuck will be closed at the Feb. 17th meeting. The lucky bidder will take it home that evening to enjoy for many years. The funds raised from this painting will go to support signage at the Memorial Rose Garden at the Southshore Community Centre, 205 Lakeshore Rd., Barrie.

The photographic competition for 2014 was a huge success, so much so that we have decided to make this an annual event. Over 70 entries were received in ten separate categories and judged by Don Komerechka, a well-known photographer from the Barrie area.
We have not yet announced the winners;
Are you looking forward to knowing who won ribbons in each of the categories? Which rose won the Best in Show? Which member took the winning photo? We are not telling anyone the results, which will be announced along with the opportunity to view all the photos at the February 17th meeting. You will just have to attend our meeting to find out. See you soon.

Programs for 2015 — We are always interested in what topics our members would like to have for our programs. Send your ideas to any board member or put your topics in the suggestion box at each meeting.


10 Dublin Bay – glowing red
10 Archbishop Desmond Tutu – deep red
10 Kosmos Fairy Tale – creamy white
10 Red Riding Hood – crimson red
10 Golden Fairy Tale – golden yellow
10 Let Freedom – red
10 Tropicana – florescent orange
10 Golden Showers – yellow
10 America – salmon
10 Winnipeg Parks – medium red
10 Emily Carr – rich red
10 Campfire – pink/yellow
10 Gertrude Jekyl – pink
10 Molineux – rich yellow
Rose Cultivation Web Site — There is a very informative “rose cultivation” web site one of our Members recently found located at Besides offering wonderful photos of roses, it also provides very helpful advice on the planting and caring of roses. There are also web site listings for many rose societies, including the Huronia Rose Society.

Here’s an excerpt from an email received by one of our Members, who enquired about the web site from Garey, one of the web site’s authors. He describes how their web site began, where they are located, and also provides some insights into how it is produced.

24 Nov2014 — A little about us: My wife and I started the site in year 2000. My wife handles the photography, I do the web design and a friend plus others have contributed to write the articles. Rose Magazine is a hobby website and we have tried to keep the site up with correct and informative rose growing content. We are located in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area, British Columbia. Our web readers are from all around the world, and it’s interesting to get email from rose lovers who live in far away countries.

Dear Rosie,
Does the Huronia Rose Society have any pamphlets or other printed information available on the care of roses? If so, how can I obtain this information? Avid Gardener

Dear Avid Gardener:

The Huronia Rose Society has written three rose cultivation pamphlets, which are available for free to our Members and to our guests and visitors at our open General Meetings. The pamphlets are:

1. Growing Roses in a New Era: Tips to enjoy growing roses in your garden without a lot of work.
2. Your Guide for Planting and Caring for a Rose Garden, and
3. Winter Protection for Tender Roses.
Members can also ask that one or more pamphlets be mailed to them by contacting one of our Executive Members via email, telephone, or by submitting your request on our web site:

You might wish to keep note of which cultivation techniques worked for you and which didn’t. Then, you can supplement our pamphlets with your own gardening advice document.

Let us know your results!


Year 2015 Membership

Name(s) : ……………………………….………..…………………………….….…

Address : .………………………………..…………..……………………..…
Street Number, Name Municipality Postal Code

Phone : .……………………… e-mail : …………………….……………….. [ ] No e-mail
Please note that Member names and addresses are not made public.

[ ] New Member or [ ] Renewing Member

I prefer to receive the Huronia Rose Society newsletter by:
[ ] E-mail (pdf file) OR [ ] Postal Mail (paper copy)

I am willing to volunteer for one or more of the following activities*: (optional)
[ ] Annual Rose Show Committee [ ] Millennium Memorial Rose Garden maintenance
[ ] Spring Rose Sales (Barrie and/or Orillia Farmers’ Markets) [ ] Rose Society Publicity
[ ] Newsletter Contributions [ ] Web Site Content
[ ] General Meeting Topics and / or Speakers [ ] Huronia Rose Society Executive

*Your name will be forwarded to the appropriate Rose Society Director.

Amount: $ 12.00 [ ] Individual or $15.00 [ ] Family NOTE: Memberships expire October 31st.

Membership includes:
– 5 meetings annually to meet and share experiences with fellow gardeners
(February, April, June, September and November);
– exhibitor status at the Society’s annual Rose Show in June,
– bi-monthly Newsletters available via e-mail or postal mail,
– Membership Handout listing HRS events plus types of roses for sale, and
– 10% discount at Botanix – Barrie’s Garden Centre (formerly Botanix Garden Centre.)

Please make your cheque payable to the “Huronia Rose Society”

Print and submit with your cheque at the next General Meeting, OR forward by postal mail to:
Huronia Rose Society, 10 Cook Street, Barrie, ON L4M 4E9

Your Membership Card serves as your receipt and Proof of Membership for purchase discounts.

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