Rose Petal News – November / December 2014

President’s Message:
Welcome to our Photography Night and Annual meeting on Tues. Nov. 18th at 7 pm at the East Bayfield Community Centre, 80 Livingstone Street East. The building can be accessed from Stanley Street just east of Bayfield St. off Livingstone St. East. Park at the front of the building. We are in one of the rooms to your right as you enter.
There were over 50 photographs entered in our competition this year, and they will be on display for everyone to enjoy that evening. We know you will appreciate the beautiful rose photos of this past summer–seems so long ago now, doesn’t it? Also, part of the program will be you, our Members, sharing the “Joys of the 2014 Garden”. So cast your thoughts back to those lovely days and evenings you spent among the roses, in your own garden or someone else’s. Often we talk about the problems we have, but this time we are asking you to share happy thoughts. Our Annual Meeting will be very brief and then we will have the rest of the program. Refreshments will be cookies and juice, so if you like a hot beverage, bring it with you. There are no taps or sink in these rooms, so making tea/coffee is very difficult.

ANNOUNCEMENT! Renew your HRS Membership!
For the Year 2015, Memberships will be available for renewal / sale at the Nov. 18th General meeting. Please complete the Membership Form at the end of this Newsletter.
2015 Meeting Dates

General meetings: Tues. Feb. 17; Tues. April 21; Tues. Sept. 15: Tues. Nov. 17
Rose Show and meeting – Tues. June 30;
Members’ Garden Visit – Tues. July 14
The Rose Show and Members’ garden visit: locations have not been decided yet. They will be announced as soon as possible.
Programs for 2015 — We are always interested in what topics our members would like to have for our programs. Send your ideas to any Board Member or put your topics in the suggestion box at each meeting.
HRS Christmas Cards — We have a few for sale with a photo of a Member’s rose on them, available at our meeting. There are always year-round greeting cards for Sale at our meetings of Members’ roses. Cost is $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00.

Thanks go out to all Members who helped out on any Committees or other jobs on behalf of the Society during this past year. We thank the Board Members who are retiring for the tasks they took on and look forward to seeing them at our future meetings.

As your retiring President, I would personally like to thank you one and all for helping me out on my 2 years as your “recycled” President. It has been a pleasure to meet with all our Members as we shared our love of roses and worked side by side on our various projects and meetings.

Photographic Competition – At our November meeting, the judges will give us their results from the submitted photographs.

Last Chance! The beautifully framed botanical painting of the rose “Tiffany” is available for you to acquire just by putting the highest bid on our Silent Auction at our Nov. 18 meeting. This will be the last chance to bid on this lovely painting that was generously donated to HRS by the artist Cherin Harris-Tuck of Barrie to help pay for the new signage at the Memorial Rose Garden. It will go to the highest bidder that night. What a wonderful Christmas gift it would be for someone special, even perhaps, for you.

Favourite Roses
Jeanne Leong: My favourite rose from this season has to be our L.D. Braithwaite. It has been blooming almost continuously over the entire summer and into the fall. In fact, it has two very strong, colourful blooms, even today (Nov. 3). The plant receives lots of sun, and, being situated next to a stone retaining wall, benefits from re-radiated warmth into the evening and overnight.
Ellen Spencer: My favourite this year was Emily Carr. She grew very tall and bloomed profusely.
Ina Mechlinski: I like my rose “Seafoam”, a white shrub rose, hardy to zone 4. It is the best this year. It still wants to bloom. Bred 1963 in USA.
Dale Lovering: My favourite rose this year was ‘Black Jade’ – a miniature which is the darkest rose that I grow.
Linda Peacock: The 1812 Rose is fast becoming my favourite rose. It has bloomed constantly all season and still is blooming now. It has not been eaten by anything or shown any black spot.
Edna Caldwell: So hard to decide. I think my favourite roses is “Floral Fairytale” , a lovely soft amber colour, very full, shiny foliage and more compact than many of the FairyTale series.
Karen Shamas: It withstands anything nature does to it, has a gorgeous scent, a deep, red colour, little disease and blooms repeatedly. My favourite rose is the Rosa Rugosa Rubra.
Dear Rosie,

How can I keep track of which plants have done well in my garden versus those which have not? Is there a method or system for doing this that you would recommend?
Yours truly, Perplexed about planning.

Dear Perplexed:

I’ve found that keeping a journal of my planting, pruning, watering and fertilizing practices has helped me to be a more successful gardener. In a notebook, or, using a monthly calendar, document your daily, or weekly, gardening activities. One can record as many or as few details as one wishes. Include, for example, data on the temperature and weather, so that you can remember frost and rainfall information.

Another suggestion is to take regular photos of your garden to serve as a visual reminder of how well plants have thrived. You could write down when pruning and fertilizing were done so that plants don’t get cut back or fed more than they should. Another option is to make note of causes for concern: insect damage, lack of plant blooms, or wilting. In sum, regular record-keeping will allow you to review, at year’s end, what worked and what didn’t. You can use your gardening record book as the basis for choosing new plants, deciding where to plant, and repeating those cultivation techniques that resulted in success.
Yours truly,


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