Rose Petal News: August/September 2014

NEW MEETING LOCATION for HRS meetings as of
Sept. 16 and Nov.18, 2014.
East Bayfield Community Centre, 80 Livingston Rd., Barrie ON
East of Bayfield Street.

Directions – If coming up Bayfield St., turn right onto Livingston Street, then left at 2nd set of stop lights at Stanley St. The entrance to EBCC is just a short distance along Stanley Street.
If you are coming into Barrie from the east, take the Duckworth St. exit, continue ahead onto Cundles Rd. (that area is under construction). Turn right at the first stop lights – Livingston St., continue over St. Vincent St. Soon Terry Fox school will be on your right, EBCC is the next building. The driveway between the school and ECCS can be taken into the parking lot. Park in the front parking lot and the meeting room is to your right as you enter the lobby. We moved our meeting venue because the city is charging $3.00 per hour for non-residents all around the waterfront.


September 16th from 7 to 9 pm.
A “Question & Answer” follows the featured speaker of the evening, socializing over refreshments, wrapping up with Lucky Draws.

Gloria Broks

Topic: New Roses: Disease-free and Hardy

Gloria is a retired teacher, a member of the Canadian Rose Society and of Greater Toronto Rose Society, a CRS Rose Judge and a District 5 Assistant Director of The Ontario Horticultural Association.
Her digital presentation will feature many of the Fairytale and Vigorosa roses from Germany, that the HRS has been selling recently, as well as other kinds. She asks that members who have Fairytale or Vigorosa roses in bloom to please bring them for a ‘Show and Tell.” If you have any other beautiful roses in bloom, bring a few along, too. Please remember to include the names of the roses.
 Awards and Trophies from our June 24 Rose Show will be presented that night as well.
Photographic Competition – this evening is the deadline for submitting all those lovely photos you have been taking of your roses and gardens all summer. They are to be given to the chairperson, Janice Schmidt, with your name on the back and an entry tag attached. There will be extra tags on hand that night, so come early if you need time to fill them out. Then at our Nov. 18 meeting, we will see the results of the judging.

Painting of a beautiful rose from Ligita’s garden has been donated to our society by the artist, Cherin Harris-Tuck of Barrie. We are conducting a Silent Auction at this meeting and the Nov. 18th meeting. Save up your dollars so you can make several bids on this wonderful rendition of a pink Hybrid Tea with a gold base, called “Tiffany”.

Rosa Tiffany

Winners of Awards at the Rose Show

QUEEN of the SHOW — (Edna Caldwell Plaque) – Dale Lovering “Royal Princess”
BEST SHRUB ROSE — (Victor Loeb Memorial Trophy) – Ellen Spencer “Graham Thomas”
BEST RED ROSE — (Wendy Caldwell-Halkewycz Trophy) – Ellen Spencer “L.D. Braithwaite”
MINI QUEEN of the SHOW — (Plaque) – Dale Lovering “Winsome”
BEST DESIGN – NOVICE– (Rosette) (no entries)
BEST DESIGN – LEVEL B — (Reta Caldwell Plaque) – Audrey Miller “Be My Valentine”
BEST DESIGN – LEVEL C — (Betty Nielsen Trophy) – Ellen Spencer “Be My Valentine”
These awards will be given out at the Sept. 16 meeting and perhaps some photos taken at the show will be seen.

Memorial Garden – We thank the volunteers who helped with any and all jobs this year.
We did have a nice number of volunteers, but more are always welcome for next year. We hope to resolve the issue of parking fees for non-residents by next year.
It seemed like there was lots of moisture for the roses, but one variety, Jens Munk, because of a heavy canopy of foliage, lost most of their leaves by late Aug. So, they were pruned back to just new growth and we will watch how well they come back this fall



Nominations – As of the annual meeting of the HRS on Nov. 18th, we say a big “Thank You” to Linda Peacock and Dale Lovering who have decided to take a step back from serving on our Board of Directors for the time being. They have both acted in many capacities, especially each as President. Also, Marilynn Forbes, who has been a Director for 2014, will retire from that position because of her other commitments. We appreciate all the work these folks have contributed to the betterment of the HRS.
Therefore, we need some new blood (so to speak) on our Board of Directors for 2015. If you are interested to be more involved, speak to Linda Peacock, Ellen Spencer or myself, Edna, at our Sept. 16th meeting. When coming onto the HRS Board, you serve in the area you that interests you. You may also get a telephone call from one of the three of us if we are still looking for more volunteers.

Joyce Fleming of Grimsby, a hybridizer of Canadian roses for many years passed away this summer. Her most loved rose is Roberta Bondar, a yellow climber. She attended rose conventions in many countries and judged many rose shows. Her gentle manner and lovely smile will be missed by all who knew her.

Dear Rosie,

One of my rose beds is in too much shade now and tree roots are filling the bed. Even tho’ it is not a good time of year to do so, can I move them to a better location now? Where would I buy some more at this time of year?
What To Do?

Dear What To Do:
If your roses are just not growing or flowering, and seem to be even getting weaker, then, yes, it is possible to take a chance to move them mid-summer, although normally it would not be recommended. Prepare the new bed with good soil containing compost, and choose a cool day when showers are predicted. Try to lift them with as much of the root system intact as possible and water well each day, unless there is rain, until they don’t show signs of shock.

You will still be able to find some potted roses at this time of year in garden centres. But, you would want to be sure they have been well cared for and that they are Ontario-grown bushes. One Ontario nursery will ship “bare root “ roses in November – This is an excellent way to give roses a good start for the next spring. However, HRS will have the best potted roses for sale in early May – they will be Ontario grown, hardy and disease-resistant. Watch our Winter newsletter for the list of roses we will have for sale then. For more details about bare root planting, see HRS’s pamphlet -“Your Guide for Planting and Caring for a Rose Garden.”

Good luck, ROSIE

REMEMBER! The NEW MEETING LOCATION for HRS meetings for Sept. 16 and Nov.18, 2014 will be at the East Bayfield Community Centre, 80 Livingston Rd., Barrie ON East of Bayfield Street.

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