Rose Petal News: March/April 2014

The President’s Message to Rosarians
Welcome to Spring! (soon we hope) We are all longing for milder days, yet colder nights, to give us that marvellous crop of our part of Ontario – pure, sweet maple syrup. Then once there is a good supply of maple syrup, a nice gentle spring without flooding would be everyone’s wish, I expect. However, there is a positive aspect to this long, cold winter – the insects that over-winter in our gardens, on trees and bushes should have been exterminated by the cold. Maybe our gardens this summer will benefit. Spring will come, and we will so appreciate it this year. Hope to see all our Members at our April 15 meeting to learn some new rose gardening tips and meet other keen rose gardeners. Until then – think positive thoughts about warm sun and new growth. President Edna
Our annual Rose Show will be held with our June meeting, Tues. June 24 at the SSCC. Last year we combined the meeting with the Rose Show and it turned out well. There is a bit of a short time to get the entries in place. We ask that you bring your roses in vases already with the entry tags attached, so they just need to be placed on the table in the appropriate class. There will be a supply of HRS vases brought to the April meeting that are free for our Members to borrow, as well as a supply of entry tags for you to take with you. The time schedule for that day and the jobs that we would ask our Members to volunteer for are
Set up 4:30 pm
Entries received 5 to 6:45 pm
Judging – 7 to 8 pm
Meeting – 7 to 8 pm
Viewing the show – 8 to 9 pm
Take down the show 9 pm
We will have a sign-up sheet at our April meeting for our volunteers to help where they wish. Assistance will be given to anyone not sure where to place their entries. All Members are encouraged to bring some roses for our Show, even if you have never done that before because I am certain that all of you will have beautiful roses in your garden by June 24, and how nice it is to share that beauty with others!
The June 24 meeting program will have someone to give some basic photographic tips so Members can participate in our Photographic Competition on Sept.16. Then, there will be demonstrations of how you can use roses with other flowers to enhance the beauty of your home. Invite your friends to come with you to enjoy this evening celebrating and enjoying the beauty of The Rose.
The Millennium Memorial Garden of hardy, Canadian roses at the SSCC will need the loving attention of some volunteers to help with the removal of the dead blooms and cleaning up the fallen petals from near the end of June to the end of August. If you are a newer gardener and want to help but aren’t sure how to go about this job, there will be someone to show you how. Volunteers will look after specific jobs. There will be a schedule at the April & June meetings so that volunteers can sign up for two weeks at a time. With lots of willing workers taking a turn, no one has a big job. One of the great satisfactions of this job is the people who walk by the Garden when you are working and express their appreciation for the beauty of this display of roses.
In the 14 years since this Garden was started, the roses have always been in full bloom at the end of June. With all the snow we have, one may wonder about this year, but Mother Nature usually catches up with the right season. Time will tell, but we “promise you a rose garden” again this year.
HRS is planning a Garden Visit to one of our members’ gardens on July 8, at 6:30 pm. The location will be given out nearer to the time. This is a Members’ only event where we can socialize together, and enjoy one of our Members’ beautiful gardens. Those attending are asked to bring snacks or finger food, so our host’s family can be free to visit with us. Stay tuned for the location.
Membership:- Our 2014 rates are the same low price :- $12. for a single membership; $15. for a family membership. To date, 29 people have renewed their 2014 memberships . Enclosed in this newsletter is a Membership form to mail in your renewal.
A new web site has been launched for the Huronia Rose Society, within the past few weeks. It’s entitled, We invite you to visit this new site regularly. It provides our General Meeting schedule and list of Speakers, our latest Newsletter, links to related Internet sites, and much more. Each week we will be posting a different rose gardening-related “tweet.” One was from a woman asking if we could recommend roses to grow over an arbour at her cottage near Minden that would be hardy. Dale, Jeanne and I each replied with suggestions for her.
Recently, a woman in Peterborough had the following request :-
I have been on the search for rose hips, preferably wild although not necessarily, for a couple of years now. I am from out East where they grow wild in abundance but have been having no luck here. I was hoping to possibly connect with someone who has roses who doesn’t treat them with any chemicals that would be willing not to dead head them so I could pick them in the late fall/early winter next year. Or maybe someone has property where wild ones grow? I would certainly be willing to pay! Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am currently in Peterborough, but could definitely drive to your area.
Thanks so much, K.R.
Edna replied to her that she might be able to supply some. Are there any of our other Members who might be able to help her? Contact Edna at 705 721-0484 if you can.
Sale of Potted Rose Bushes will start May 3rd for three Saturdays at the Barrie Farmers’ Market. We will sell at the new Orillia Fairgrounds Farmers’ Market at the ODAS Park, (new location), Fairgrounds Rd, starting May 10th . We have a variety of beautiful & hardy Ontario Grown Rose bushes. Price to Members: each rose bush is $15; for Non-members, $18 each or 3 rose bushes for $50. Please spread the news!
Another website that has come to our attention:-

HRS has several publications giving all manner of free rose-growing information pertinent to our location here in Ontario and are available at our meetings.

Dear Rosie,

What suggestions would you have for giving my roses a good start after an especially cold and snowy winter?
A Rosarian

Dear Rosarian:

I suggest that you wait until the local forsythia is in bloom, and then remove the covering from around your rose plants. This will open the crown and better promote new growth once the spring sun becomes stronger. If the short-term forecast is for cooler weather, it is better to remove winter protection from around your roses in stages.

Once temperatures are consistently warm, remove roses’ protective coverings and re-use as mulch elsewhere in your garden to retain moisture and inhibit weeds.


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